Yo-Yo Wine Bottle Bag

Wine bottle bags make a great gift idea, this vintage style Yo-Yo design is a great project to accomplish while you are watching TV.

Yo-yo Wine Bottle Bag

Yo-Yo Wine Bottle Bag

I’ve been working late at night lately. It’s very hot outside and I don’t have a ton of energy for accomplishing much during the day. The basement is my favorite retreat, along with my sewing workshop. Needless to say, I have been very productive in that nice cool environment. It’s not hard to get started on a project and never want to leave that room.

This little Yo-Yo bag is fun to make, although it requires a bit of hand sewing. The Yo-yo’s are made from 5″ quilt squares and a Yo-Yo maker, although it would be just as easy to make them without the Yo-Yo making device. I have included a FREE DOWNLOADABLE Pattern for this project!

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For this wine bag design, you will need 16 yo-yo’s of various colors. I used 8 contrasting yo-yos that matched the background fabric and 8 colored ones.

My first inclination was to make the yo-yo’s out of denim, however, after reading the yo-yo maker directions, they warned against using denim. It is too heavy and will not gather well. I found this pretty blue cotton chambray at the fabric store instead, and after working with it, I decided it was a far better choice. The fabrics for this project need to be thinner cottons, such as quilting cotton, or fabric with a soft, drapey hand.


Supplies Needed:

1 package colored cotton 5″ quilt squares in various colors

1 Yo-Yo maker (buy one here with my affiliate link), or use a (circular cardboard pattern with 5″ diameter)

1/2 yard blue cotton chambray fabric

1/4 yard heavy weight interfacing (for the bag handle)

Needle and thread


  1. Make yo-yos by fitting the cotton square into the yo-yo maker (wrong side up). Stitch around edge with large, loose stitches, using the punched holes in the plastic as a guideline. Remove plastic insert (do not cut thread), pull up threads to gather fabric into the round yo-yo shape, tucking raw edges of fabric into the center of the yo-yo. Secure with the needle and thread by stitching a couple of anchor stitches in the center of the yo-yo. Create 16 yo-yos of various colors, or 8 chambray and 8 colored yo-yos.  (If you do not have a yo-yo maker, use the cardboard pattern to cut out 5″ circles. Fold over edge 1/4″ and loosely stitch a hem on the wrong side of fabric. Follow directions above for completing the yo-yo.
  2. Cut a blue chambray fabric piece 8″ x 12″. Iron on a 1 1/2″ piece of fusible interfacing to top edge of wrong side of fabric.
  3. Stitch 1/4″ rolled hem on top edge of fabric.
  4. Arrange yo-yos in rows of 4 across and 4 down on top of the fabric rectangle. Pin yo-yo’s in place, making sure you leave 1/2″ seam allowance on side edges, and 2″ seam allowance at bottom of rectangle.
  5. Tack yo-yo edges in place two at a time by using the side to side stitch on your machine buttonholer. Place yo-yo’s under the presser foot, lower the foot, stitch three or four times to anchor them in place. Repeat until all edges are tacked at top, side and bottom of yo-yos. If you do this two at a time, it doesn’t take long to accomplish.
  6. Fold down turned hem 1″ at top, catching top of yo-yos under the edge. Pin in place and  stitch.
  7. Turn rectangle in half, with right sides together matching top, bottom, and raw edges. Stitch 1/2″ seam allowance along side and bottom. Turn bag right side out. Press lightly.
  8. Make bag handle by cutting 3″ wide strip of chambray fabric, 8″ long. Iron on 1″ wide piece of interfacing in center. Fold in thirds, zigzag top stitch over raw edge down the length of the handle. Attach to top of bag with single needle stitch.

Yo-yo Wine Bag, FREE DOWNLOADABLE PATTERN|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

Sewing Tips:

I didn’t sew the handle as per the directions above on my bag. When started to make a casing with the interfacing inside,  it was very cumbersome to work with. So, I changed the sewing directions. Also, the zig zag stitch will add more stability to the bag handle, as the weight of the wine bottle is rather heavy.

You don’t need to finish the inside seams of the bag, but you could if you choose.

Yo-yo Wine Bottle Bag

I would love to see your Yo-Yo creations! Tag me on social media with this hashtag:


Yo-Yo Wine Bag with Free Downloadable Pattern| Designers Sweet Spot|www.desingerssweetspot.com

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