Marshmallow Snowman Cookie Pops

Your kids will love these adorable holiday treats!

Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword Christmas, cookies, doughnut, holiday, marshmallow


  • 1 White powdered doughnuts for each snowman
  • 2 Milk chocolate chips for each snowman (or small candy eyeballs)
  • 1 Candy corn for each snowman
  • 1 Large marshmallow for each snowman
  • 1 Sandwich cookies for each snowman
  • 6 Mini chocolate chip morsels 6 for each snowman Milk Chocolate morsels or chocolate


  1. Melt milk chocolate morsels in the microwave on high, stirring every 30 seconds and giving special care not to overheat the candy. If the chocolate is overheated, it will be too thick. You can add 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening to help thin the candy but do not add any other type of liquid as the candy will seize and harden.

  2. Poke a hole through the middle the sandwich cookie. Then, dip the sandwich cookie into the melted chocolate and coat completely. Tap against the side of the bowl to remove excess. If needed, use a toothpick to remove some of the chocolate from the hole. It’s okay if some chocolate remains. Place on waxed paper.

  3. Dip each marshmallow into the chocolate and coat completely. Tap against the side of the bowl to remove excess. Immediately press the marshmallow into the cookie to form a hat. Add festive sprinkles. Place on waxed paper and refrigerate to set.

  4. Gently twist the lollipop stick into the doughnut. The stick should pass through the middle of the doughnut and a small amount into the other side but not break through completely.

  5. When the cookie hats are completely set, twist a lollipop through the center of the cookie and through the length of the marshmallow. 

  6. Using tweezers and/or a toothpick, add two chocolate morsels for eyes. Press a candy corn into the center of the doughnut as the nose. Attach 5 to 6 mini chocolate chips as the mouth.

Recipe Notes

Doughnuts should be at room temperature before decorating as cold doughnuts will crack. Once the lollipop stick is inside the doughnut, the doughnut becomes fragile. It is not recommended to store these in a standing position. Store flat until needed. If the doughnut pops will be moved or wrapped as gifts, you may want to use a toothpick to remove excess powdered sugar and apply melted white chocolate to attach the nose, eyes, and mouth as this will make them more stable to carry. If the doughnut slides down the lollipop stick, apply a tiny amount of melted white chocolate to the stick or use a decorative ribbon to keep the doughnut in place.