Weathered Wooden Bench

I have been working on a number of new projects this week. My husband built this bench for me (tutorial to come!) from scrap lumber, and on a whim I decided to try out this new weathered grey stain.


The stain is from DIY Driftwood. It is a very interesting product, it comes in a powdered form and you just add water to it. I have been saving this sample for just the right project. It needs to be used on raw wood in order to be the most effective. It turned out great on this bench, and am sure I will be using it on many more things!

The powder comes in a tiny little package. I used a wide mouth mason jar to mix it in. One package combined with 2 cups of water will cover a surface area of 75 square feet. The leftover stain will keep in a covered container for 3 months.


The stain is a beautiful purple color in the jar. It’s rather deceiving because it is not purple at all on the wood, but a lovely soft weathered grey.

The stain turns grey as it dries and soaks into the wood. Not all wood tones are the same, so depending on what type of wood you have you will get various shades of grey finish. Darker woods will have a darker grey finish. The bench is pine and took the stain very well.

I love how it turned out. I even used the same finish on this little cedar flower box I found at the thrift store.


Of course I had to plant the box, it wouldn’t have looked right otherwise.

The finished piece doesn’t need any sort of top coat, the stain is sufficient. I can imagine weathering all sorts of things with this product.

What would you do with it?



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