Vintage Wall Decor

I have been looking forward to finishing our Mid-Century bathroom project. I chose to start with the bathroom because I thought it would be easy.

After all, there is really just one wall to decorate, and it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house. It shouldn’t take long, right?

Wrong! It’s taking FOREVER!

My first idea was to find some vintage pictures to use on the walls. This is easier said than done. I spent several days wandering antique shops to find just the right thing.

I finally settled on these vintage shoe ads. I just love them! They have beautiful graphics and are so very 1950’s. They were only a few dollars each which made them all the more enticing.

They are a rather odd size, so finding frames to fit wasn’t very easy.

I wandered the stores for a few more days looking for something that would work to frame them with.

In the end, I settled on these large poster frames from Walmart. They were very inexpensive and I liked their modern simplicity. I love the look of simple frames, it helps the vintage wall decor to stand out even more.

I used pieces of colorful chevron craft paper to set off the posters and add a bit of pattern.

I found a few smaller black frames from the Dollar Store and framed some coordinating floral craft paper to mix things up a bit. I am not really much for florals, but a little bit here and there keeps things from being too starkly modern in my opinion.

Who was it who said prints should never match? Perhaps it was me??

It took me a while to hang all of the vintage wall decor prints. I confess I am not a perfectionist with wall organization.

Kept arranging and re-arranging them until I found a configuration that I liked. It’s not scientific, but it works for me.

I also confess I do not use tape, levels or any such detail oriented equipment for hanging prints. I eyeball everything and hope for the best.

While I was wandering in the shops, I came across this orange wire basket.

It’s really a tennis ball basket, but it works great re-purposed to hold extra bath towels. My husband is a big tennis buff, the basket adds a bit of personal flare to the room.

The bathroom is long and narrow and the shower door makes it hard to add much to the floor, the upright size of the basket fits well in the corner.

The shag rug is a find from Walmart. I love shag!

The room is almost complete, I have been waiting for the paint to dry on one more thing, so I should have the final post up tomorrow.

Good night!

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