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This year is a big blog anniversary for me. I have been blogging for 6 years. Hard to believe it’s been that long. Lots has changed since my early blog days, but every now and then it’s fun to see where you have been. These are the top ten most popular posts on my site to date, according to Google Analytics:

1-DIY cleaning products 0021) DIY Drain Cleaner I had no idea that this post would be so popular when I wrote it. I was sure it would be the biggest bomb of all time. I recall I had nothing better to talk about that day than cleaning the drain. My photography has gotten lots better since then, so be understanding! Last summer I made a You Tube Video of cleaning your drain, if you need some pointers, check it out!

How to hem coat sleeves

2) How to Hem Suit Coat Sleeves This tutorial is not quick, but you can hem your own sleeves without spending a fortune! Step by Step instructions are included!

3) Christmas Wine Bottles: This is an easy project from my 31 Days of Pintrest Series. Back in the early blogging stage, I was short on  ideas so I decided to recreate 31 of my favorite Pintrest projects. Some worked great, many did not! I still love these bottles, and they are one of my most Pinned posts. There are so many great ways to decorate with a simple recycled wine bottle!

4) Betty Bling: She is still one of my all time favorite projects, this little garden head was easy to make and so much fun! My kids thought it was creepy, but I still love her! I can’t wait for garden season to replant and begin again!

5)How to Sew a Satin Robe: This one surprised me. I started a series last year called 31 Days of Sewing, if you never heard of it, it’s because it was a disaster. I dropped the sewing machine on my foot, and was handicapped for days afterwards. Plus a million other little sewing disasters like breaking needles, running out of thread, I eventually gave up. I should rename it 15 Days of Sewing because I never finished it! LOL!

6) Painted Velvet Chairs: We still have these chairs and I still love them. They are a lovely shade of grey and we use them every day. They were a $30.00 find that I updated with some spray paint and nail heads. These chairs were also part of a recent feature in Everything Home Magazine. How cool is that???

7) How to Sew a Fleece Robe: What?? More sewing? Yes, this tutorial is popular as well. So is my robe, I wear it all the time.

Someone You Love

8) Omnibus by Veritas Press: We still homeschool our kids. With only two kids left at home and two already in college, I don’t write about homeschooling a lot these days. Our kids have loved this Omnibus home school curriculum. I have loved how much they have learned, and how successful they have been even in college. I am sure this curriculum played a big part in their becoming “Superman”. Who doesn’t want to grow up and be Clark Kent?

Claw Foot Tub

9)Ginger Foot Bath: This is another post from a 31 Day Series on Cleansing. Who know it would be so popular? This bath is wonderful for clearing the sinuses and making you feel invigorated.

Finished faux brick2

10) Faux Urban Loft: Again, this post has made my top ten. Hard to believe it was so popular. Come to think of it, I still haven’t finished the how to video that I started months ago! Paint and a stencil were all that was required to make this faux brick wall!

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