Thrifted Dining Room

I have been sick for over a week. I have had many set backs this week, including website problems, social media problems and a nasty cold. I haven’t accomplished nearly what I had intended. I don’t do well when I can’t keep the schedule I have set for myself.

I am excited about our new dining room. As I sit sipping my tea at the table, I look around the room and think that this was so worth the wait.

We have wanted a new dining set for a long time, but it just wasn’t in the budget. I happened to find this table and chairs at our local Habitat ReStore several months ago. I loved it immediately. We purchased the set for $200.00 and put it into storage until we made our big move into our new home.

The table is made of fruit wood, has 2 additional leaves and is over 10 feet long when it’s all put together. It came with 6 chairs, although I thought there were 8 when I saw it in the store. Somehow 2 chairs didn’t make it home with us. Oh, well. We have never had a complete set of matching chairs and we are grateful for them anyway.

The chairs are overall in good condition, although some of the cushions need replacing. I will work on them at some point, but for now I have lots of more pressing projects. I love the button details on the back of the chairs.

Our sweet kitty has taken to hiding on the chairs under the table and swatting at us with her paw when we walk by for attention. She cracks me up!

The best thing about having a big table is having room for big centerpieces. My mother put together this display of citrus fruits, candles, forsythia and pussy willows.

Something about this room has me dreaming of Tuscany. Perhaps it’s the rustic chandelier or the vintage built in cabinet. Somethings are just timeless.

I can’t wait to entertain!



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