Three Things We Love About Winter Wreaths

Winter Wreaths make me smile every time I walk in and out the door. Here’s three things ideas for  beautiful wreaths that you will never forget. (And no, it’s not to early to think about it!)

Three Things to Make Your Winter Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Winter Wreaths for All Seasons

It’s great to have a different wreath for every month of the year. However, very few of us have room to store them all, much less remember to change them with the calendar. This Winter Wreath will last all season and keep you smiling every time you see it.

The three little snowy owls on this wreath are from my faux winter bird collection. They remind me of my children.  Innocent and adorable, awkward and precious. They make me smile. When our kids were little we read a story about baby owls and they just loved it. We read that book over and over again. Now that the kids are grown I can look back and remember those times with these cute little decorations that will be fabulous all winter long.

Three Things to Make Your Winter Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Ideas for a DIY Winter Wreath

  1. Reuse your old winter decor. Even if you live in a warm climate, you can DIY your winter decorations. Buy a few special things that you love each year, then reuse them. The fur on this wreath came from a Christmas Tree garland I used last year. You can repurpose last year’s tree decor for another season or two in some other way without having to break the bank. This is one of my best secrets, I often reuse my decor over and over again season after season.
  2. Layer different textures together. The fur and feathers blend together in this wreath. Add some glittered ribbon and some shiny pearls and everything becomes even more interesting. Contrasting textures in the same colors scheme will stand out, look unified and seem like they belong together.
  3. Add some three dimensional elements. The ornamental “Winter” sign at the top is a Christmas ornament turned on it’s side. The Winter letting is painted with white acrylic paint on a piece chalk board adhesive and applied in the frame.

Three Things to Make Your Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Supplies Needed:

Here’s the exact recipe for this diy project:

  1. 14″ foam wreath
  2. 2 yards faux fur garland
  3. 3 small snowy owl floral picks
  4. 1 1/2″ gold ribbon, 1 yard
  5. 2 large pearl Christmas Tree garlands
  6. Beaded frame ornament
  7. Adhesive Chalkboard sticker
  8. White acrylic paint pen or small painting brush
  9. Floral pins


  1. Wrap the fur around the foam wreath covering the entire wreath. Pin in place with floral pins.
  2. Wrap the pearl garland around the wreath. Secure with more floral pins evenly around the form.
  3. Trim the owl picks to 2″ stems. Insert them into the wreath form, you may want to glue them in place with craft glue.
  4. Tie a bow with the glittered ribbon, secure under the owls.
  5. Write the word “winter” on the chalk sticker in paint. Let dry. Cut sticker to size and insert into the frame. Secure frame in place at top of wreath with more floral pins.

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