The Victorian House Project




We have been in a turmoil at our house. The time has come for us to move AGAIN.

We are eager to begin our new adventure.

Our new project is this old Victorian House built around 1910.

We used to own one very similar, perhaps I will tell you that story some day.

The house has yellow vinyl siding and new windows which is definitely a plus.

I happened to be completely captivated by the double decker front porch.

It’s massive. I will be spending lots of time out there I am sure.

front stairs

The inside of the house is just as massive.

The stairs in the foyer are huge and pretty much go straight up.

This is not a home for those who fear heights.


The top of the landing has the most beautiful pine floors.

Most of the upstairs is carpeted, I would love to tear out all the carpet and showcase those beautiful boards throughout.

upstairs parlor

The main room upstairs was originally a parlor. It has beautiful southern exposure. I love the leaded glass in the window.

front bedroom

The three bedrooms upstairs definitely need some decorating help. I don’t understand the orange and blue feature wall combo at all.

Not at all.

It will be one of the first things to go.

The house also has a hot water heating system. This is certainly a plus. Hot water heat is one of the best for those of us with allergies.

You can see the heating vents along the baseboard. They are everywhere upstairs.

upstairs view

This orange and blue bedroom does have it’s strong points, namely another beautiful window and access to the second story porch.

The view isn’t the best, but will it will be more private when the leaves are on the trees.

attic stairs

The access door to the porch is inside this stairwell to the third story.

We have yet to explore that.

I will keep you posted, when I am brave enough to go up there.


The second story bath leaves lots to be desired.

They sort of plunked it right into the middle of the room. There is an empty hallway being the wall where the sink is.

The bath has two entrances which is completely strange.

This is definitely on our list of rehab projects.


It does have an interesting quote on the wall, though.

I think I will keep this one.

The butlers room

The last room upstairs is the Butler’s room.

The butler’s stairs are still intact and lead down to the kitchen and of course, the butler’s pantry.

This room is so tiny, it’s only about 6 x 8 feet.

My son wanted to have his bedroom in here, he thought having 24 hour access to the kitchen would be a great thing.

Until he realized that not even a twin sized bed will fit.

Those butler’s must have been pretty tiny.

This room will make a great office.

floor grate

Downstairs the floors are hardwood maple.

This cast iron floor heating vent in the dining room is massive, about 3 feet square. I love old things like this.

The dining room is huge, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

I will soon, I promise.


There is a pass through to the kitchen from the dining room. It too will be one of the first things to go.

The kitchen is so dark with this navy blue wood work and cabinets, I couldn’t get a good picture of it.

There is lots of work to be done.

green bath

The downstairs bath is rather charming.

It has a claw foot tub, pedestal sink and more wainscoting.

I am not too sure about the caterpillar green color though.

What do you think?

Yeah, or nay?

My kids seem to like it.

I think it will make me look ghastly green too early in the morning.

Perhaps we can tweak it a bit and make it work.

We will see.

downstairs bath

This quote is above the sink. It seems like the former tenants were trying to fill the space between the cavernous 12′ ceilings and everything else.

There are quotes like this all over the house.

This one strikes me as being a bit misplaced in the bathroom.

I guess it’s the mother in me. Makes me think of our potty training days. LOL!

Time to pack! I will have lots more to share very soon!


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