Paint Your Own Unique Sunburst Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are part of old house character. Our old house was missing some of that old world charm. Painting a Sunburst Medallion was just what was needed. 

Paint Your Own Sunburst Ceiling Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

Dining room before the One Room Challenge

Painted Woodwork (GASP!)|Designers Sweet Spot|

Sunburst Ceiling Medallion

This is week 2 of the six weeks One Room Challenge. If you aren’t sure what the ORC is you can read more about it here on

My original design plan for the dining room renovation called for stenciled walls, which was scheduled to be the project this week. After much consideration I decided to let go of this idea. The walls are really too small for any type of stencil. We have two large windows, several doorways and a huge built-in hutch that take up most of the wall space in this room. Hang a picture or two on the walls and we see even less of them. It just wouldn’t make much sense to stencil it.

The other thing that I changed my mind was the fabrics I am using in this room. The stencil idea no longer worked with the new fabrics that I purchased, but I will tell you all about that next week. IT WILL BE FABULOUS. Be sure to stop back!

To see the original design plan, check out this post. 

Last week we painted the walls and trim, you can read about that here.

Paint Your Own Sunburst Ceiling Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

Designing the Medallion

I briefly thought about purchasing a plaster medallion for the ceiling, but after searching the internet I couldn’t find one that I liked. Here we are with another DIY opportunity!

My idea began with a Sunburst/floral motif and some lovely Soft Gold Paint from Deco Art. I have been dying to try out this new paint color and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

After sketching out my idea on cardboard and cutting it to size, I made my own petal shape stencil. The cardboard template was a good idea, it’s easy to hold it up to the ceiling and trace around it where a traditional stencil made from thin plastic would be much more difficult.

Paint Your Own Sunburst Ceiling Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

The first step was to trace around my template with a pencil in multiple positions around the base of the light fixture. This creates a layered look for the petals. Then it was easy to fill it in with the gold paint. Easy peasy, right? Well, there was a bit more to it. I decided to put into video for your viewing pleasure. You can see more if it on my Facebook page.

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Painting the ceiling is not easy. My back hurt, my arms got tired. I painted, rested, then painted some more.

My family gave me comments like: “You are ruining the ceiling! Why can’t we just have white?” Sigh.

The Finished Medallion

I used two different sized ladders and multiple types of paint brushes to finish the medallion.I had to scale the ladder a million times to see how the design looked from the floor.

I had crooks in my neck and got dizzy at times. Being close to the ceiling it’s hard to see what the design really looks like from a distance. I can’t imagine how Michelangelo ever painted the Cystine Chapel for three years on his back!

Painted Celiing Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

Paint Your Own Sunburst Ceiling Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

However, I like how it turned out. My family even decided that they liked it. Not like they had a choice or anything. I would keep it no matter what they said.

Of course the best view, is from beneath the medallion.

Still not sure if the light fixture is a keeper or not. Time will tell! See you next week for Window Treatments!

This post was sponsored by Deco Art. Any opinions given are completely my own.

Here’s the rest of the schedule:

Week 3: Window Treatments

Week 4: Table Improvements

Week 5: Wall and Lighting Decor

Week 6: Accessories and Final Reveal

I am linking up to Calling It Home, be sure to stop by and see the other beautiful projects in the ORC! 

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Paint Your Own Sunburst Ceiling Medallion|Designers Sweet Spot|

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    This is amazing! Beautiful way to add character and dimension. And I love your painted woodwork in your room! I’m excited to see the window treatments 🙂


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