English Style Summer Table Setting for Entertaining

Summer is here and we are expecting guests for a casual dinner party. Here’s my take on a simple table setting for guests, English Style!

Summer Table Scape Ideas|designerssweetspotblog|designerssweetspot.com

Summer Table for Entertaining

We are glad summer is here! It’s been a long time since we last entertained in the summer. We don’t have an outdoor entertaining space and it just seems wrong to keep people indoors when it is so beautiful outside. However, we are having a few friends over for a casual dinner and a few games of Cribbage later this week. I decided to plan ahead and come up with a new look for our old table.

English Style Summer Table Setting for Entertaining|Designers Sweet Spot|designerssweetspot.com

I spent a couple of  hours looking at summer table ware in the stores. I couldn’t find anything I liked. Most styles are too modern and don’t fit my Traditional Farmhouse style. I also don’t like the idea of buying special dishes to use for a single occasion, so I decided to just stick with my everyday Liberty Blue Dishes, my Grandmother’s silver set and add some new accessories. I don’t fuss about shinning silver, I only clean it about once per year. To me the slight tarnish adds character and charm. It drives my Mother crazy.  Oh well!

I purchased round placemats in a lovely farmhouse aqua and some patterned cloth napkins that remind me of English block printed textiles. That was it. Less is more in my book.

I feel like my dining room is finally looking put together! It’s been months since I painted it (read that post here), and for a long time I struggled to find the right look for the room. However, I have decided that I had all the right accessories, it just took me a while to figure out how to put them together. My mother’s fine art collection, our English style china and our massive thrifted dining table are pretty perfect just as they are.

English Style Summer Table Setting for Entertaining|Designers Sweet Spot|designerssweetspot.com

Summer Table Center Piece Tips

For the center piece, I pulled out a chrome candle tray that I found at the thrift store. I added three glass milk bottles (also from the thrift store), and a few peonies and greens from the garden.

My glasses are simple high ball style, I am not one for frills and love the practicality of them. They are also easy to replace if we break one, which is a big plus. We use several sets of salt and pepper shakers on our long table, including a charming wooden set our son brought back from his trip to Europe. I love using Himalayan Pink salt in our shakers, so much prettier on the table and tastes great!

English Style Summer Table Setting for Entertaining|Designers Sweet Spot|designerssweetspot.com

During the summer, I take the sheer curtains off our front windows to let in more light. Our dining area is adjacent to our small living room, both these rooms face north and are frightfully dark year round. By removing the curtains, even though they are sheer, we can make the most of the daylight hours this time of year. A few candles is all we need until the sun sets, and usually we are already in bed by then.

I am joining my group of blogger friends who also love tables capes, be sure to check them out! We will be posting new ideas each day during the blog hop.

English Style Summer Table Setting for Entertaining|Designers Sweet Spot|designerssweetspot.com

Summer Table Scape Ideas|designerssweetspotblog|designerssweetspot.com

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  1. says

    I have mad love for those beautiful blue and white dishes! Your friends will feel so welcome in your dining room with all the warm family heirlooms on display. Beautiful setting!

  2. says

    I love the soft blue tones throughout the whole tablescape. It’s so fresh and makes me think of water. Very well done. It’s been great hopping with you on this fun blog hop.

  3. says

    Yes to your blue and white combination. The pattern on the napkins goes so well with the beautiful dishes! And you can never go wrong with fresh flowers 🙂 Thanks for joining in on the hop!


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