Succulent Ice Cube Tray

I love getting creative with my planters, see how I transformed an old ice cube tray into a new home for my succulents! 

Dear General Electric,

I’ll bet that you never would have guess your ice cube trays would go out of fashion just like your old refrigerators. They had their day, and we loved them, but now no one really uses them anymore.Succulent Ice Cube Tray

Except me.

Only I don’t use ice, since I get enough of that during our cold Wisconsin winters.

I use my vintage General Electric Ice Cube Tray for planting succulents, I love it. The Mid-Century soft pink metallic color looks great with the colorful plants.

Succulent Ice Cube Tray


ice cube tray before

I used 7 tiny succulents for this project that were purchased at Home Depot, I also purchased cactus soil and some pebbles.


It only took me about 5 minutes to plant your little ice cube tray.

First I filled each ice cube compartment with dirt.

Then I planted my succulents. Several of them were easy to separate into smaller plants with my fingers, but I could also have used a sharp knife.

The succulents have very small roots so separating them and fitting the roots in-between the metal ice compartment slats isn’t a problem.

I left some of the compartments empty to give the larger plants room to grow a bit.

I added more dirt.

Then I added the rocks on top of the exposed soil.

A light watering finished it off.

It was not necessary to poke holes in the ice cube tray for extra drainage. I just have to be careful not to over water it.

You never know, I may actually want to make actual ice cubes some day.

Or not.

GE, I love your old “Redi-Cube” company logo.

It’s very quaint.


I think I need more of these trays.

I will be haunting rummage sales this summer to find them.

Tabletop garden

The Succulent Ice Cube Tray is now part of my ever growing spring table top garden.

Can you tell I am ready for warmer days?

What’s blooming at your house?

Thanks, GE!

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