How to Stencil Furniture Like a Boss

Stenciling furniture can be an easy and fun way to give it a new look without spending much money. Here’s how to stencil your furniture like a BOSS.


Stencil your own furniture and save money!|Designers Sweet Spot|


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Let’s face it, most furniture is boring. Most of the time we invest so much money in it, it’s not something we want to buy if it’s super trendy. We choose to purchase as many used pieces as we can, then fill in with items from the store so we don’t feel guilty of making it our own.

The benefits of this recycling mindset, is that I am not afraid to change the look of things when they get boring. Take this dresser for example. It’s been in our garage for a while, just screaming for some decor help.

Recently I was browsing the Deco Art website and came across this adorable bird stencil. Love it!

Love this bird stencil from Deco Art.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Right away I knew it was what this old dresser needed. The dresser was already white, so I didn’t repaint it except to touch up a few spots of the old white chalky paint here and there. For this stencil project I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Primative.

Distressing is easy with a few special tools. |Designers Sweet Spot|


The top and corners were sanded to reveal the wood tones beneath the paint. This little Ryobi Sander is the bomb for distressing! Don’t be too neat about it, you want it to look worn off and uneven. I used coarse sand paper for the top, and fine for the edges of the drawers and knobs. Don’t forget to wipe the dust off with a soft cloth before starting with the stencil.

Draw or stencil the design on the drawers before painting.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Stenciling Furniture

The great thing about purchasing the stencil, is that a lot of the art work is already done for you. Plan out where you want the birds and branches to fall on the drawers, draw them in lightly with a pencil. Flip the stencil over to get right and left images for an interesting design. Make sure each drawer has some birds, branches and leaves. It looks more interesting with the branches “growing” up the drawer fronts.

How to Stencil Your Furniture like a Boss|Designers Sweet Spot|

Start painting with the stencil in place, you may have to remove it to paint areas underneath by hand.  It is easier to work on a flat surface, pull the drawers out and stencil or hand paint each design with a fine brush on the drawer fronts.

Stencil Like a Boss, easy bird stencil project.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Stenciling Boss Tips and Tricks

• Use colors that are close in value for a subtle design

•Flip the stencil over for mirror (right and left) images (you may have to do some hand painting)

•Let the branches “grow” from the bottom to the top of the drawers

•Seal the piece with clear furniture wax to protect your hard work

•Purchase stencils that you can re-use on different pieces to save money


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Stencil your own furniture and save money!|Designers Sweet Spot|

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