Spring Porch Decor

Boot display

Isn’t a bit of Spring Porch Decor just the thing right now?

Spring is finally here, I was the one who was missing these last couple of weeks! We are officially moved into the new place. We have moved far too often the last few years and I hope this is the VERY LAST move we have to make until the year 2060.

I am not exaggerating. My kids will have to bury me in the back yard when I croak, because I am not moving again.


I am grateful to be done with the move, but it will be a while before all the boxes are stowed away for good! Today was such a lovely warm day, I spent it decorating the front porch.


As you may recall, the porch is a double decker.

I decided to focus on the lower one for now until I can get the top railing painted.

It amazes me how people can neglect items like finishing the railing, it will drive me crazy until it’s done.

porch before

The porch is long and wide, the kind of place where you can envision yourself sipping a cool drink on a warm summer night and watch the world go by.

I can’t wait to fill it with plants and all things summer.

couch area

For now, I opted for a few simple pieces, my Chalk PaintedĀ Bench, a little side table and coffee table.

The curly willow branches came from our local garden show, I can’t wait to get more of them next year!

I basked in the sun here all afternoon.

The bunny

I rounded up a few of my favorite garden pieces for the table next to the door.

The blue hydrangea is lovely, and yes, it is really that blue. I did not alter the color in the photo.

Too bad it would never survive a Wisconsin winter.

The bunny topiary I have planted in the past, but decided a rusty look was perfect this year, it goes with the little rusty birdhouse I found at a thrift store.

The metal box will make a great planting container come summer.

Chicken wire sign

Above the table is my favorite chicken wire frame. My husband built it from scraps of wood.

We used it as a top for the brooder when we raised our chicks a couple of years ago.

I still love it.

A simple spring phrase and a few forsythia and pussy willow branches make the display complete.

Boot display

Enjoy your spring weather today!

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