Spring Cleaning

Jungle Jake


I have been spring cleaning for days. The house we are living in hadn’t been cleaned in years, in spring or any other time it seems. It was also previously used as a day care center for 7 children.

You can only imagine what the dirt was like.

Spring cleaning is a common ritual for me, but this time I needed more than my usual homemade cleaning products could provide.

Generally I use bleach for these things, but I didn’t want to damage the woodwork so I decided against the bleach. I also hate the chemical smell of it.

This project called for the big guns, so I settled on JUNLGE JAKE.

If you aren’t familiar with Jungle Jake, you will want to run out and buy some for your next heavy duty project.

You can find it at Home Depot, Farm and Fleet or Fleet Farm.

I have tried many so called “industrial strength” cleaners on the market. So many of them are lousy.

This is not a sponsored post, but I can tell you that Jungle Jake beats them all, hands down!


The first project I tackled was the kitchen. It was caked with grease from the gas stove, and there was crud all over the woodwork and inside the cabinets.

I used a strong mix of Jungle Jake, about a cup in a bucket of water to cut through it all and make it shine.

I cleaned the appliances, cabinets inside and out, wiped down the wood work, cabinets and floors with the same mixture.

It took buckets and buckets of dirty water until there was nothing left to clean.

Jungle Jake is biodegradable, has no chemical smell and is a non-phosphate based cleaner. I use gloves when I clean just in case, but it’s great to know it meets so many “green living” requirements.

Remember that clean has no smell. Only dirt smells.

A clean house doesn’t and shouldn’t smell like the chemicals that you used to clean it.

Interesting concept isn’t it?

It goes against all we are taught to believe, that a clean house should smell strongly of cleaners.

butlers pantry

The next project was the Butler’s Pantry.

It was as filthy as the kitchen X10!

Old food and mouse droppings were everywhere.

You wouldn’t believe the difference.

dining room

Then it was on to the dining room and living room.

I washed baseboards, moldings, and casings.

There is miles and miles of woodwork in this house.

Then I washed floors and doors.

Jungle Jake is my new best friend.

front door

Then I tackled the front door and storm door.

You can only imagine 14 sets of dirty little hands going in and out this door several times a day.

I cleaned them top to bottom, including the threshold.

It was so gross!

I don’t know how anyone could stand even touching this door.

It gave me the willies.

All in all, I think it was at least two shades lighter in color when I was done.

Isn’t the detail on this door lovely

ceiling fan

Then it was on to the second floor.

Can you see the dust on this fan?



The baseboards upstairs were even worse.

The dust was everywhere.

Jungle Jake did it all.

Are you spring cleaning?

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