Spray Painted Christmas Tree

Spray painted tree, finished



I have been hard at work decorating for Christmas. It always takes more time and energy than I think it will. I thought I could do it all in one day, boy was I wrong!

I have been waiting for just the right warm day to work on my tree project, today was perfect!

It was sunny and beautiful, a balmy 40 degrees, practically perfect for spray painting!

What did I spray paint?

Our fake Christmas Tree!

Tree before

This is what the tree looked like before I painted it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s your basic fake Christmas tree.

It’s rather a garish green though, and screams PLASTIC to me. It was fine for a while, but now I would like something different.

Since we didn’t have any money tied up in it (we found it in the trash last year, box and all), I decided to experiment with it.

 Rustoleum paint

The good folks over at Rustoleum sent me a case of this beautiful Stone Grey spray paint. I love the neutral color and the matte finish of this paint.

Spray Painted bows

Even though temps were a little on the chilly side for spray painting outdoors, it made more sense than trying to do it inside.

I started at the top and worked my way down. I sprayed top bottom and side of the branches. Then sprayed and sprayed a bit more. This 7 foot tree took 3-4 cans of spray paint.

You can see the subtle color difference in the color of the branches in this photo. The bottom branches are unpainted, the top ones have had their first coat.

Keep in mind that my goal was not to completely cover the green of the tree, but to add a “frosty-like” character to it.

I went over the branches from all angles, but I didn’t cover it 100%, I liked being able to see a bit of the green show through the paint.

Tree top

The more I painted, the more I like it.

It reminds me of the heavy frost we get on a really cold morning.

tree branches

I even sprayed the inner part of the tree, plastic rings and all.

I left it outside to dry for a couple of hours before bringing it in.

Ornament in tree

I didn’t get all the decorating done, but I did test out a few ornaments. I am loving the monochromatic look so far!

I will have all my decorating done in a day or two.

I am participating in The Christmas in the Country Home Blogger’s Tour on Wed. Dec. 4th so be sure to stop back for the big Home Tour reveal!

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  1. says

    It does work. I actually spray painted my tree last year. I am anxious to see what it looks like when I get it out of the box. The biggest problem for me were the lights – which I just chose to ignore. Everything seeemed fine.

    • designerssweet says

      I had to laugh at your comment, I too have painted a lot of bizarre things, nothing is safe from me. The tree has held up well, and I still love the color of it. Who knows what could be next?


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