Spiced Hot Apple Cider Recipe for Blissful Chilly Nights

Spiced Hot Apple Cider is one of our comfort staple foods. There is nothing better than a cup or two on those chilly evenings! 

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Spiced Hot Apple Cider

Spiced Hot Apple Cider is easy to make. It’s even easier to drink it, cup after cup. We often make this drink while watching a good movie, or as an indulgence after a long hard day. You can make this beverage with fresh cider or bottled apple juice, but I must say the fresh cider has the most robust flavor.

It is wise to buy your cider mulling spices in bulk for the most economical savings. However, you will find that when you have all these yummy ingredients in the house, you are far more likely to make yourself this fabulous treat. BUY LARGE QUANTITIES of spices, because you never know when the urge will strike. There have been many late nights when I have wanted to run out and buy spices but the local grocery store charges 10X as much as what I pay for the bulk price. Trust me, you don’t want to be making extra trips to the store!

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Here’s my favorite spice choices for this beverage:

Bulk Cinnamon Sticks

Bulk Whole Cloves


If you have a special occasion, you can zip it up with a bit of liquor! Just so you know, weekends count as special occasions in my book!

Cinnamon Schnapps

Cherry Brandy

Cranberry Wine

Delicious! Makes a great unexpected treat for company that drops by at the last minute too!

Spiced Hot Cider Recipe


Spiced Hot Apple Cider Recipe for Blissful Chilly Nights


  • 4-6 cups of fresh cider or bottled apple juice
  • 3-5 cinnamon sticks
  • 6-8 cloves
  • 1-2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1/2-1 jigger of flavored liquor per cup of juice
  • Fresh cinnamon sticks or cranberries for garnish


  1. •Pour cider into medium sauce pan
  2. *Add spices
  3. •Heat over medium high heat until warm
  4. •Measure out liquor, add to individual serving cups
  5. *Pour the hot spiced cider through a sieve into cups
  6. •Add garnish if desired, serve immediately
  7. To make the flavors stronger, bring cider near to boiling. Reduce to simmer, add spices and cook 30-40 minutes until liquid is dark and flavorful. Then strain and serve as noted.

Spiced Hot Apple Cider Recipe for Chilly Nights|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

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