Make A Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag

Shibori prints are all the rage right now, this easy to make shoulder bag will be the envy of all your friends!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

Shibori Print Should Bag

This Shibori fabric jumped out at me in a fabric store recently. We were on vacation in Colorado and I was spending my free time looking for project inspiration. This beautiful cotton comes from Moda Fabrics, and I must say I am addicted to it! Shibori is a traditional Indian method of folding fabric and dying with indigo dyes. It is stunning in it’s simplicity!

I knew I wanted to make something unique with this fabric, and I finally settled on this adorable shoulder bag. I plan to keep my knitting in it to take to knitting engagements or bring it along in the car in hopes that I may have a bit of free time to knit between appointments. You could just as easily use this draw string bag for a purse, for your gym clothes or to take the beach. I did not add pockets to my version, but you could if you desire.

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

Shibori Shoulder Bag Features

The bag features a quilted body, drawstring top, adjustable cotton cording closure, and colorful two tone design. The shoulder straps can be adjusted for any size by sewing additional strips of fabric together.

I have a confession to make, I haven’t actually sewed it yet. I have a sketch, my fabric and a plan. I am sewing the entire project today on FB Live! You won’t want to miss it, 2pm Central time you can watch on my FB page here.

This unique design is not difficult to make and is rather deceiving in it’s simplicity. The link below contains the complete supply list and sewing directions. The pattern (contains affiliate links) is absolutely free for you to download for your personal use.


My blogger friend Emily over at Life Sew Savory is in the middle of a major move right now, and she asked me to share this live sewing tutorial on her Facebook page. This Facebook live guest post video will explain the entire sewing process from start to finish much better than I could in writing! Be sure to check out Emily’s page and her weekly sewing show for more inspiration!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

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