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31 Days of Sewing: Day 2

Day 1 of sewing went great, no real issues. Day two on the other hand was a different story. Nothing went the way it was supposed to. Some days are like that I guess.

My issues started with cutting today’s garment, a cut little pair of satin pj pants. Okay, technically they are panties, but I won’t call them that because it might direct the wrong type of traffic to my blog.

Anyway, I skimped on buying the yardage for this project, trying to save a buck, only to realize when cutting it that everything was supposed to be on the bias and I didn’t have quite enough fabric.

Of course, I crammed it in anyway. I cut the back on the straight grain instead. Life will go on.

No way was I going back to the store in the rain today.

This is easy Vogue Pattern #V8888. I made the satin robe yesterday, today it’s the panties, tomorrow will be the camisole top.

Sewing the pants is really easy, if you are having a good sewing day.

Today was not my day.

I sewed the side seams together, and added the lace at the leg hem.

Then it was time for the elastic.

After stitching the center front seam together and measuring the elastic, I set about making the waistband.

First, stretch the elastic the length of the waist (from center back, across side seam, center front, and to the other center back), single needle stitch with a basting stitch stretching the elastic all the way across the garment as you go.

Just make sure you are sewing on the wrong side of the garment. This was my mistake, I was on the right side.

I had to chop off my elastic, and begin it once again.

Things like this irritate me.

It should just work right the first time.

I am impatient all the time.

After basting, turn the edge of the elastic to the inside of the garment and zig-zag stitch over the elastic again near the top garment edge. This one process will finish the inside elastic edge and leave a nice finish on the outside.

I had added a bit of extra fabric at the waist of my pj pants, according to the pattern measurements I needed to make this adjustment.

There is nothing worse than finishing a garment only to try it on and realize the pants are cut well below the waist.

It sure would have been nice to know that before I started. However, the waist of the panties weren’t pictured on the model, and the pattern wasn’t marked so there was no way for me to know exactly where they fit, and that my alterations weren’t going to work.

A.K.A. I added too much extra fabric at the waist and had to take them in again.

More impatience. More time wasted.

There are only 4 seams in this garment, I had to redo two of them, twice.

I also decided that my chosen lace is as stiff as a board (some laces are made just for crafts and not for apparel. Sewing intimates requires the softest fabrics and laces, be sure to choose wisely when you are purchasing supplies). It was on clearance for $1.00 per yard, now I know why.

The lace will probably give me a nasty skin rash. However, I am not taking it apart again to fix it, at least not today. It can wait.

Not a great sewing day, but I will persevere.

At least I didn’t cut any holes in my garment, I have done that before too.

Tomorrow has to be better, right?

Stop back to find out!

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  1. says

    Love your site! I sew but get frustrated because I want things to FIT. I’m terrible with the tailoring part. Definitely adding you to my reader so I can follow your 31 days. And the sewing will be better tomorrow. It always is.

    • designerssweet says

      Thanks for reading Cheryl. The problem with getting patterns to fit is that each one has an amount of built in ease. It’s hard to know how much ease is there unless you make the pattern more than once or do a lot of measuring before you start. I hope to address a lot of those issues in this series so stay tuned for more tips!

  2. Janel says

    Sewing days like that are the worst. With any luck the lace will soften in the wash. Either way, super pretty set.


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