How to Sew a Fitted Blouse: Part 2

31 Days of Sewing: Day 7


My first blouse is finally finished. I am not quite sure I would make another one with this Vogue pattern #8747.

This blouse pattern has it’s good points, I love the gathers at the bust line. The pattern is a custom fit using your bra cup size, and offers several different collar and sleeve choices. It does fit very nicely over the bust and didn’t require a lot of alterations.

I chose to make the shorter sleeve version with the mandarin collar.

My main problem is that I just don’t care for the curved facing at the neckline. Most blouse facings are on the straight grain and are therefore easy to sew, this one is curved and I just don’t care for it. It looks rather straight in the sketch on the envelope, but is quite curved on the finished blouse.

I don’t think it’s any more flattering than a straight neckline would be, and is therefore not worth the sewing hassle in my opinion. It was rather confusing to construct stretching and being on the bias, and I don’t think most sewers would consider this blouse an easy project because of it.

I do like the way the blouse fits through the body, flattering without being too tight.  Plus, the sleeves fit the upper arms nicely and aren’t too snug under the armhole.

I generally don’t have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, but I loved this teal and navy paisley the moment I saw it (from JoAnn Fabrics). I can see it complete with a pair of blue jeans and a long sweater.

This poly/rayon blend fabric didn’t seem to wrinkle when I washed it, so I am hoping this will be an easy care item.

Over all though, my one hour project took me days longer than it should have. I did have a few other distracting issues this week, you can read more about them here.

I used most of the pattern directions on this project, however I did sew the facing to the seam allowances (called under stitching) before turning it right side out. It was then easy to topstitch over the under stitching, through all layers to keep it in place.

Time consuming, but effective.

I am putting this pattern aside for some simpler projects to finish out my series on blouses, not sure if I will come back to this one or not.



My organizational tip ( I do have them occasionally): I came across these little grey fabric totes at Aldi’s the other day. I picked up a few of them to use for organizing my project fabric, patterns, notions and supplies. Each project will have it’s own bin while I am working on it.

The bins work great to keep all those little pattern pieces in without having to cram them back into the envelope every time. I tend to reference them frequently as I work on the project. I also like having all the notions etc. visible in the bins so I can easily grab what I am looking for.

I think I will need to get a few more of them on my next trip to the fabric store.

Alternatively, I have used those little plastic zippered bags that come with purchased curtain panels and other household goods from the store. I used to throw them away, but they are handy for storing patterns and the like as well.

Looking forward to a relaxing day at home with the sewing machine tomorrow!

What are you sewing this week?

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