Red Roses and Old Letters

Red Roses at

I have been reminiscing this week. We have had weddings, graduations and parties, which are fun but emotionally draining. I have taken some time off from my regular creative projects to work on things that I have let slide for a long time. One of the projects is a book I am working on.

Roses and letter

I am not ready to disclose the project just yet, but here’s a clue.

It is a real process and a real struggle. The distractions are everywhere. I have kids that come and go in and out, a hubby who works from home, my Mother lives here, even the cat wants attention. I want time to stroll in the park and think about what I am working on. Focus is elusive when you are working from a chaotic home.

Bass with roses in a vase

There doesn’t seem to be enough time to write. There are things weighing me down and I am not sure at all how things will come out. I have given myself a due date, but I might miss it. I fear would rather go to one of the free concerts in the park and hear the classical music for inspiration. I am a romantic at heart you know.

Roses on wooden table

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By the way, our rose bushes are blooming. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them. They are so captivating! I almost cut them all down before I knew what they looked like. I am in love with their rich color and fresh scent. Guess I won’t be removing them anymore. I couldn’t possibly cut them down now that I know how beautiful they are.

Have a lovely day!


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