7 Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom remodel plan is coming along. Here are my top 7 tips and tricks or planning your new bathroom space!

7 Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel|Designers Sweet Spot Blog|www.designerssweetspot.com

Having a good plan is the most important part of the remodeling process. Sometimes plans have to change in the middle of things, but thinking ahead can go a long way to solving issues that come up.

Our remodel is coming along, a bit slower than I would like. We are currently waiting for the special ordered shower base to be delivered. Until then, there’s not much else we can do. The demo is completed, the rebuilding comes next. Here’s how to plan for a smooth remodel!

Top 7 Tips and Tricks

  1. Draw out your remodel plan before starting. There are free tools you can use online to do this. My husband likes to draw things by hand in Word, but you can use programs like Smart Draw, or even a piece of graph paper and a pencil for this task. Be sure to use accurate measurements when configuring a layout.
  2. Get several estimates for work. We got three estimates before settling on a plumbing contractor for our remodel. We decided to do all the other work (electrical, carpentry and tile) ourselves to save even more. The estimate for the electrical alone was over $1000.00. Definitely not in our price range!

    7 Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel|Designers Sweet Spot Blog|www.designerssweetspot.com

    We didn’t realize how much mold was behind the old shower surround that was leaking until we removed it!

  3. Do the grunt work yourself to save money. It’s not glamorous, but it is practical. We saved a couple of thousand dollars by doing all the demolition ourselves. It’s messy, hard work, but very gratifying. You can see us demo the bathroom in this Facebook Live post.
  4. Have a “Plan B” contingency plan in place. We have all seen the HGTV shows where the home owners are shocked to discover that their roof needs replacing, or their pipes all need to be redone. These things happen with every remodel, have a budget in place to account for the unexpected expenses. I recommend at least 10 percent of your overall budget for unknown expenses. If you don’t need it you can blow it on a great vacation later.
  5. Don’t forget the permits. It’s required by law everywhere you go, you must have the proper permits before starting the work. Inspectors will pop in for a visit, be prepared ahead of time so you won’t have problems that will cost you more money.
  6. Outline the steps of the project on paper with an estimated start date and date of completion. I used a spiral bound monthly planner for our remodel calendar. Then I added the dates the contractor was coming and what needed to be done before they came. For example, we had to gut the shower, remove the old tub, pull up the floor, move the electrical work, etc. Things do change throughout the process, you will have to have a bit of flexibility. For example, it’s been two weeks since we ordered our shower. We are still waiting for our shower parts to arrive so we can move forward with it. The shower base has to be installed first, before we can tile the walls, or install the floor. Hopefully it will arrive soon!
  7. Gather insprirational photos, floor samples, tile samples  paint samples, etc. You can keep them together in a three ring binder, or have a digital inspiration board. Visuals are really helpful when explaining what you want to a contractor. All my ideas are together on my Master Bathroom Pinterest Board here.

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7 Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Remodel|Designers Sweet Spot|Designerssweetspot.com

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