How to Plan Your Creative Projects for the Entire Year

It’s time to plan out my creative projects for the next year. This time, I decided to share how I plan my projects for an entire year. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish with a bit of organization early in the year!

How to Plan Creative Projects for an Entire Year|Designers Sweet Spot|

Quilters Planner and Magazine

Creativity Requires Planning

Blogging as a creative person requires planning to accomplish projects. I tend to start things and not finish, buy too many supplies that I never use, or have a great idea that gets forgotten in the chaos. That’s how creativity works, we are not an organized lot.

However, I have learned that if I spend a bit of time planning I can accomplish so much more! By using a special creative calendar everything comes together in one spot!

After searching the internet extensively for a suitable planner, I came across the Quilter’s Planner. It has exactly what I was looking for: Inspirational photos and projects, areas for sketching, keeping swatches, spiral bound and compact in size. I am so excited to start using it!

Quilters Planner inspirational inside|Designers Sweet Spot|

Quilters Planner inside cover comes with beautiful quotes and project ideas.

The pages of the planner are bound with a spiral binding. This makes it easy to flip to the current month. On each monthly tab is an inspirational quote and beautiful project. I spend a couple of hours reading through all the projects in the free magazine. Love them all! I chose a few from the magazine to put on my calendar to work on.

Quilt sketches in planner|Designers Sweet Spot|

Creative Project Resources

Towards the back of the planner are the resource pages. There are spots for each project where you can save patterns, sketch, and make cutting notes. This is great for me since I usually jot things down on little scraps of paper that get lost. Having it all together will make things much easier to accomplish!

Swatch pages|Designers Sweet Spot|

Adding swatches to the book is a great way to know what you have in your fabric stash. I plan to take this book shopping with me when looking for fabrics, that way I know what I have and can match colors/prints without guessing.

I am terrible at guessing!

Quilt Planner Magazine|Designers Sweet Spot|

The free Quilter’s Planner magazine comes with the planner and has lots of great projects. If you are a beginning quilter, there are small projects too that will get you inspired to do more. I love mixing small projects and large ones during the year.

Here’s how you can maximize your creative productivity during the year.

5 Ways to Increase Your Creative Productivity

  1. Plan your projects for the entire year at one time. This keeps you from getting off track of your goal and will allow you to get more done. It will also save you money!
  2. Keep sketches and swatches in the calendar book. Most of the time we don’t get things done because we forget what we were doing or can’t find our notes. Keeping it all together will make a world of difference!
  3. Spread out large projects.  I plan one large project (such as a queen size quilt) over a two month time frame. Sometimes I can plan one a month, but I get frustrated if I don’t get it done in time. It’s better to plan extra time to finish it, then you can add an additional project if it’s completed before your deadline. My goal this year is to sew 6 quilts, one every two months.
  4. Alternate large project with small ones. Small projects that are easy to accomplish are great for a sewing on a single weekend or making for gifts. I plan these projects in-between the large ones to give myself a mental break. This is especially important when a large project takes longer than I had anticipated to finish. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel good to accomplish something.
  5. Plan your gift giving early in the year. Making gifts to give is a wonderful thing. However, starting them two weeks before the event is very stressful and can make you miserable. Plan your gifts ahead with a set budget and time frame so it doesn’t become an overwhelming task.

This is a sponsored post. Any opinions given are completely my own.

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