Photo Challenge: Day 17 Technology



This is day 17 of the Photo Challenge. I have a confession to make, I took this picture 5 years ago.

That’s where the Technology part comes in.

You see, I took this picture with my first smart phone, the Droid while we were on vacation in New England.

I uploaded it to Facebook and completely forgot about it.

My old computer that I used at the time to store my photos is long dead, but low and behold FB saved my photo for me.

I am eternally grateful. This has to be one of my all time favorite photos.

Our two boys were playing in the sand at the beach that day, when they discovered hundreds of little hermit crabs.

They thought they were rocks at first, but then the sprouted legs and began to move around.

It was the perfect setting for an afternoon of hermit crab races.

We had a ball watching them run about.

I had a ball taking pictures.

I was hooked on digital photography even then.

I love that I was able to beef up the colors and make this photo look brand new with my photo editing program.

I can’t imagine life before computers.

How did we ever do ANYTHING????


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