Nautica Inspired Bedroom and a Giveaway

upstairs parlor

This bedroom project has been on my to do list for a while. I was excited when Nautica Paint  asked me to be a part of their Nautica at Home Signature color collection blogger program. The theme for this project is Bring the Energy of the Water to your Home.

I love their paint, in fact I had just been in the store looking at paint colors when I got their email. What great timing!

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated to write, any opinions given are completely my own.

I was ready to give up the mothy mauve shade of this bedroom. Every thing here is mauve, the walls, the carpet, even the ceiling had a pinkish cast. It reminded me of an old mothy sweater my grandmother used to wear. Definitely not up to the standards of my 15 year old son that sleeps in this room.

This room gets a lot of natural light, more than any other room in the house. The huge south facing windows act like solar panels and things really heat up in here during the day. It is also the largest room in the house (even bigger than the living room), and has 3 doors and 3 large windows.

Sailboat on Lake Superior

Nautica helped me choose my color pallet for this room, based on this photo that I took on our vacation to Bayfield, WI last summer. This beautiful yacht was in the harbor in anticipation of the annual race they hold on Lake Superior each year. What could be more perfect?

james room after

My color pallet includes grey’s, blue green, white and red.  Just what I was looking for in this room.

I couldn’t be happier with the colors.

They are Nautica’s Shipyard (Grey), Harbor Fog (Grey), Sailor’s Delight (Red), Octopus Grey (White), Deep Atlantic (Blue).

I chose to paint the room in Shipyard Grey, and use the other colors for accents.

futon with plants

I love how the blue and red accents work against the neutral greys, they make a great combination with natural wood tones. This painted wooden box ads a nice pop of color.

I purchased some new drapery for this room as well, also in a beautiful shade of deep blue to work with the colors Nautica chose, it reminds me of the waters in the Lake Superior photo.


Nautica featured image

Nautica was kind enough to supply me with a canvas copy of our vacation photo to use in this room. I just love it!

What a wonderful way to preserve a memory!

white dresser

This dresser is painted with Nautica’s Octopus Grey. It’s a lovely creamy white.

Table with float_

The side table was also painted with a coat of Sailors Delight. It works great with grey velvet chair and the soft grey walls.

futon with fishtank

Under the window is a massive table, more than 7 feet long. It is made of Monkey Pod wood. My grand father hauled it home from the South Pacific after WWII. He was a Navy sailor, I thank the American people for allowing him to bring it home on board a Navy ship.

reading corner

The room feels very soothing in these new colors, even the woodwork looks refreshed. I was very impressed at how well the paint covered with one coat. I was worried that the old color would show through and be a problem, but it wasn’t a problem at all.

bunk bed

A family portrait ads some sophistication and interest to the room, which otherwise is filled with teen literature and treasures. Our son is fascinated with family history and loves to hear the tales of his great grandfather during the civil war.

[bctt tweet=”My Great Grandpa’s portrait looks right at home here, he should have been a ship’s captain. “]

Our sons bunk bed fits right in with the nautical look. I happened to find the grey and teal bedding at a discount store. I love the stripes and touches of white.
bench and lantern

The bench at the end of the bed is painted with Nautica’s Deep Atlantic. It’s the perfect shade of blue.


This DIY project is checked off my list! I was able to get it all done in a single weekend. The paint covered well and dried quickly. I just love the quality of the colors that Nautica Paint has. They are so rich looking. I love the depth and tones of these designer colors.

I had such fun putting this room together, that I would love to share Nautica Paint with you too. I am partnering with Nautica Paint and having a give away to win a $100.00 Menard’s Gift Card so you can try it!

All you have to do is tell me which Nautica Paint color you would choose and what room you would like to paint!

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  1. Gwen says

    If I could paint my downstairs bathroom any color it would be Coral Cape NT540. I am not sure if I would paint the whole room that color or the bottom half that color and the top half White Cap NT599. My realistic choice would be Current NT448 and White Cliff NT610.

  2. Denise Twisdale says

    I adore the Spring Tide color. It reminds me of my trip to the beach last year. I would love to paint my living room this color.

  3. Sarah says

    You did such an amazing job in the room, I love the pop of colors you chose! The monkey pod table is just stunning, what an amazing gift to have a piece with such memories!
    So, I have been wanting to repaint our north facing bedroom for a while now. I didn’t know Nautica paints existed, they seem so rich and vibrant. I like the warmth of the Seneca Rock and White Cliff.

  4. Lindsay Hess says

    I would want to paint my sons room with the Nautica Harbor Fog. All the colors are so pretty!!! It is kinda hard to choose!

    • designerssweet says

      I agree, it was hard to choose colors because there were so many I liked! Harbor Fog was one of my favorites too!

  5. Jacqueline says

    I am teally into blue/green tones and I loved the sandy colors in the natural tones. I think I would do something like ocean liner with a light beige trim. Your room is seriously stellar!!

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