Mid Century Bathroom Decor



I have spent days researching Mid-Century design.

It has become such a strong trend, you can’t ignore it even if you wanted to. Why would you want to ignore it?

Mid-Century design is simple, colorful and useful.

Our new “old” Mid-Century bathroom is full of cool design features.

These red ceramic dishes are my most recent finds from a very successful weekend of thrifting.

I love how the red looks with the aqua blue walls.

The ceramic vintage ashtray with the adorable little white birds is my new way of organizing my hair essentials like bobby pins and clips.

The red powder dish will be a great way to hide Q-tips and cotton balls.

The vase is a repurposed item, it’s made from recycled magazines. Not an old piece, but I love it anyway.

The flowers, well, they made of white burlap, and I added them just for fun!


I love this round mirror over the vanity.

It’s not old, but it has so much character.

It does wonders to brighten an otherwise rather dark room.


I do not love the leaky shower head that sprays water every which way but into the shower.

I also do not love the lack of space to hang towels.

I have vowed to fix these things immediately!

Not everything can be vintage after all.

Somethings are just better when they are new.

These are a couple of accessories I picked up at Walmart for a very reasonable cost.


The vanity has a wonderful vintage feel, with some very nice old hardware. I don’t plan to change it at all.

The clutter on top of the vanity is my next project, did I tell you that I am organizationally challenged?

I also need to fill all the holes in the walls, and touch up the paint.

Plus find just the right pictures and some rather interesting wall decor.

That will be tomorrow’s project.  Perfect for a rainy day!

The big reveal is still to come!

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