Meet Betty Bling

Garden head with succulents

I have been thinking about WHY I blog a lot lately. I have decided it’s because there are so few limitations. When I worked as a designer, some of the best ideas never made it outside the design room. They may have been to expensive, too hard to produce, the materials may have been unavailable, or perhaps it just didn’t merchandise very well.
Side view garden head with succulents
It could also be that the CEO of the company, just plain didn’t like the design.
As Chief Executive Officer, Head Designer, Merchandiser Manager and Chief Production Engineer of this blog, I have the ability to design my blog world as I see it.
A world without any limitations!
Garden display with garden head
Now, you may be thinking, that’s a mighty odd way to do things, but I am having so much fun!
Seriously, this much fun should be illegal!
Foam craft head and paint supplies
When a crazy, ridiculous idea comes to me I can run with it. Like when I decided to make this styrofoam mannequin head into a garden planter.
foam craft head painted white
I painted “Betty” with two coats of Magikote Primer, and then spray painted her with Stone Metallic Spray Paint.
My kids said it was a bit creepy.
I giggled and laughed the entire time. Not sure which was creepier, my giggling, or Betty’s ghostly presence in our dining room.
After she was dry, I chopped a hole in the top of her head for a plant, and made a drainage hole in the bottom of her neck. I planted her with a hair-like succulent and added some old jewelry for BLING.
Betty and her buddy “Butch” have been out in the garden all summer long. They keep me giggling regularly.
You can read more details about how I made Betty Bling and Butch by clicking on the links.
Aren’t all CEO’s crazy?
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  1. says

    This is Brilliant! I think I've pinned this from you before-lol- but hadn't read the whole tutorial! So glad to see it on tour- what a fun summer project!
    It is fun/challenging being your own boss- you're far too creative to be stuck in some stifling corporate environment! 🙂

  2. says

    I just picked up a foam head the other day for a different project but you have changed my mind!
    I will be taking advantage of your creativity and our wonderful summer weather.

  3. says

    I agree, at times it is so much fun, it should be illegal! How freeing it is to be able to express oneself, and then to be able to share it. Betty and Butch are the coolest!! ~ Amy

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