Mason Jar Band Wreath

Mason jar wreath lead



It’s late and I can’t sleep. I am still dreaming up Christmas decorations.

Our kitchen just doesn’t have that Christmas feeling yet.

So, I put together a little Mason Jar Band Wreath to add some cheer.

This is a really easy project, it took just minutes to make.

Mason jar wreath

For this wreath you will need the following supplies:

A whole lot of mason jar bands, at least 2 dozen wide or narrow bands

Floral wire


Tartan ribbon with a wired edge

Dried chili peppers

Sprigs of fresh greenery or herbs

Thread the bands onto the floral wire. My wire measured about 14″ long.

Roll up some newspaper and stuff it down inside the bands to keep them lined up into a wreath like pattern.

Twist the wire together enclosing the bands. Make a small loop to hang the wreath at the same time. My bands didn’t actually cover the entire newspaper, I had about a 2″ gap at the top where the newspaper showed through the bands.

Mason jar wreath ribbon

Tied a generous bow at the top of the wreath (it should cover the exposed newspaper), leaving long tails of ribbon.

Thread the ribbon tails through every 2nd or 3rd lid. Each piece covered about half the wreath.

The loose ribbon ends were then tucked into the band at the center bottom so they wouldn’t show.

Mason jar wreath lead

I used some dried chili peppers to decorate the top of the wreath and wired them on to the bow with a twist tie.

The finishing touch was a bit of greenery from our evergreen shrubs outside. I also think that any sort of herb would work well here. You could use dried or fresh mint, sage, bay leaves, or oregano.

I use everything in my kitchen, it won’t be long before those chili peppers disappear!

Hummm, I think I will make a pot of chili today!


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