Inspirational Cut Out Wooden Angel Wings

Inspirational Cut Out Wooden Angel Wings are not hard to make with a bit of DIY knowledge! They are an unexpected beautiful addition to winter decor. WARNING: You will be tempted to leave them up all year long!

Inspirational Wooden Cut Out Angel Wings|Designers Sweet Spot|

Wooden Cut Out Angel Wings

Cut Out Angel Wings

This post is sponsored by Deco Art and Michaels Crafts. I was compensated in some way for writing this post. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosure page.

I have been watching for some wooden wings for a long time. Every winter season I see some that I like, then I promptly forget about about them until the next year. Recently, I spotted these beautiful wing cut outs in Michaels Crafts and I was completely smitten with them!  They are perfect for inspirational winter decor!

Layer the Wings

The first pair of wooden wings is lacey-like and oh so delicate. I love the finely cut wood, so lovely! Could they be laser cut perhaps? I can’t imaging doing all that cut out work by hand!

In addition, I purchased another solid pair of wings to go with the lacey pair. The wings were layered on top of the solid wood wings then added to some larger pallet type signs to give them more of a framed look. The pallet signs also have the appearance of making the wings seem larger than they really are which is great on our bare bedroom wall.

Inspirational Cut Out Wooden Angel Wings|Designers Sweet Spot|

Lovely Wooden Cut Out Wings for Winter decor

Here’s what you need to make your very own set of Inspirational Cut Out Angel Wings.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Two wooden lacey wing cut outs from Michaels Crafts SKU# 886946233760
  2. Two solid wooden angel wings from Michaels Crafts SKU#886946238413
  3. Two Pallet Wooden signs from Michaels SKU#886946651779
  4. Two Packages of antique metal corners from Michaels SKU#886946928581
  5. 3D Tin Heart from Michaels Crafts SKU#886946652400
  6. Deco Art Metallics Acrylic Paint in Champaign Gold
  7. Deco Art Acrylic Paint in Natural Buff Pink and  White Wash
  8. Tacky Craft Glue
  9. Small 1/4″ wide flat and 1″ wide flat sized paint brushes
  10. 80 grit fine sandpaper


  1. Remove hanging hardware from the back of the solid wings, save for later.
  2. Lightly sand any rough edges of the wood with 80 grit sandpaper.
  3. Paint the pallet signs with a paint wash mixture of water and the White Acrylic Paint. (I used half water, half paint).  Let dry.
  4. Paint the solid wings with the White Wash Acrylic paint. Let dry, then repeat with the Buff Pink. Dry completely.
  5. Paint the lacey cut wooden wings with the metallic gold paint using the 1/4″ wide brush. The brush is just the right width to paint the top of the cut outs without getting paint on the darker colored sides of the wood. Let dry, then apply a second coat.
  6. Dry brush the solid wooden wings with the gold paint, working from top to bottom in long strokes. This gives the wings a feathery appearance. Do not completely cover the pink color, let it show through. Dry completely.
  7. Assemble the units by first re-attaching the hanging hardware to the back of the pallet signs to hang in a vertical position.
  8. Decide where the wooden wings will be placed. Glue in place with the Tacky Glue by making a bead of glue all the way around the back of the wings and sticking it to the pallet. Repeat with the lace cut out wings on top of the solid ones. Let dry overnight with large books on top to help with glue adhesion.
  9. Attach metal corners with Tacky glue.
  10. Hang with a metal heart in the center between the two winged pallets.
  11. Enjoy your creation!


Thanks to Deco Art and Michaels Crafts for sponsoring this post! This was such an inspirational project, I think I will keep them on my wall all year long!

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Inspirational Cut Out Wooden Angel Wings|Designers Sweet Spot|

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  1. Harriette Keene says

    Looking for the solid wooden angel wings at the Michezls store, they don’t have them. Where can I get some at.


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