How to Repair Old Pocket Doors

We are tired of struggling with our old pocket doors. They are circa 1910, and are falling apart.  We decided to repair them, and share our adventure with you!

Our pocket doors are worn and crumbling. The track they were in is damaged so much that the wheels get stuck into places they shouldn’t get stuck in.Old Pocket Doors

That means they are LOUD, SQUEEKY, and VERY HARD to close.

There is a reason no one has fixed these old pocket doors in the last 100 years.

It’s not an easy job.

But, we love to tackle the impossible.

Old Pocket Doors

The doors are roughly 8 feet tall. They are solid wood, and very heavy.

It was quite a challenge to remove them from their pocket.


The first thing we did was to remove all of the trim surrounding the pocket doors.

We had hoped we could see into the wall and figure out how to remove them easily.

Easy was not part of the bargain.


We managed to get the doors off the track with the help of a screw driver and a little ingenuity. Basically, one person had to life the doors up, while the other one popped the hardware off the top of the door.

The wheels were rubber, and very misshapen and worn.

I would be too after 105 years.


We ended up cutting a couple of extra holes in the wall at the end of the track, about 3 feet from the door frame, so we could see where the track was attached to remove it.

I guess we will cover them up with pictures or something.

I just found out that they now make tools so you can see into walls, can’t wait to get my hands on one of those gizmos!


The track came out rather easily in the end, it was only attached in a couple of places with some rather weak bolts.

I just love the quaint graphic on this, I plan to reuse the track somewhere more visible.

We replaced old the track with a new steel one, it’s really for a barn door.


We also found similar wheels for the top of the door, and a couple of small ball bearings to help the door roll back and forth on the bottom edge.

Not quite sure how those are going to work as of yet, we may not end up using them.


The old doors had been missing a key, and we found it hidden behind the doorway trim. I guess someone put it there for safe keeping.

Old Pocket Doors after

Glad we found it, it will be nice to have the option to lock the doors if we choose.

It’s taken several days to finish this project, but at last the doors are up.

The only difference is the new bolts that show at the top of the doors. I will paint them to match the existing hardware.

The doors are now so quiet and roll back and forth without any effort. It feels good to have this big project accomplished!

Check that one off the bucket list!

I have a million things to tell you about the SNAP Conference, so stay tuned!

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