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I am available for the following types of collaborations at this time. Send me an email at Jessica@designerssweetspot.com for specific questions on your project.

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Hire Me as a Custom Pattern Designer

Do you have a creative sewing idea that you would like to share with others? Are you not sure if it’s constructed correctly? Do you struggle with writing step by step sewing directions? Does the sewing terminology confuse you?

I am now offering Custom PDF Pattern Design Services. Hire me to design an instant download pdf sewing pattern from a sketch or photograph. I can refine your design into a saleable pdf pattern for personal or business use. You maintain all pattern copyrights. I reserve the right to use contracted artwork for my portfolio.

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Sample of Custom Pattern Design Sketch

Custom Pdf Pattern Design Package begins at $250.00 and up.

Here’s what you will receive:

•Professional quality drawings or photographs or combination of both.

•Clear step by step fabric layout, cutting and sewing instructions.

•Step out drawings for each difficult construction points, created in Adobe Illustrator.

•Finished garment/quilt specifications and drawings as needed.

•Complete Fabric Yardage Needed for each available size

•Size chart for each size (Children’s, Missy, Women’s or Mens)

•Complete Sewing notions and supply list for your pattern

•Graded pattern $85.00 for 3 sizes

•Includes one set of revisions, additional revisions are $50.00 each.

Turn around time varies but it’s generally 7-10 days. An invoice for a downpayment of 50% will be sent and must be paid before project is started. Customer is to supply all materials for photography samples. Completed Adobe Illustrator files will be sent in PDF format to your email inbox via Dropbox. Payment for Balance due is required immediately upon completion.

Contact me at Jessica@designerssweetspot.com for a quote on your specific project.

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Hire Me as a Product Designer

Do you have a product vision for your brand? A custom product that goes with your brand may be just what you are looking for. I can help you design fabrics, photos, printable media or women’s apparel and accessories for you to sell on your blog or website. A well designed product will provide your brand identity with a cohesive look and vision.

Fabric Design Packages for small scale prints suitable for quilting or apparel start at $350.00 per print. One revision is included, additional color ways or various repeat revisions $50.00 each.

Fabric Design Packages for large scale prints suitable for wall paper, interior textiles or apparel start at $700.00 each. One revision is included with this package.

Women’s Apparel and Accessories Design

Apparel or Accessories Design Package: I can create a unique item for you that goes with your brand. Many bloggers sell T-shirts, hats, totes or handbags that showcase their brand. With my help you can have a personalize product that is available for your customers to purchase and promote your brand.

•Budget Tee Shirt Package: 2-3 T shirt designs for you to choose from $150.00.

•Basic Accessories Package: I can use your logo and brand elements for custom hats, hand bags, totes or scarves. 1 custom item design, $200.00.

•Premium Apparel Design Package: Includes private Pinterest Inspiration board, initial concept drawings, front and back flat technical design drawings for 6-8 garments, first design patterns and full garment samples. Buyer to supply or reimburse fabrics and other materials as needed, materials are not included in the cost of this package. Nothing else to do but send your collection to your factory for costing, final pattern/fit revisions and full production.

4-6 week lead time. $4500.00.

See my sample Curated Collection Here.

Email me at Jessica@designerssweetspot.com for  more information.

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Hire Me as a Product Photographer

Stock Photography Packages: Tired of searching for applicable stock photos for your website or brand? Hire me to create, stage, photograph and edit your brand products. Images can then be used for your website, print media, e-commerce site or product catalogues.

Food photography package: 35-50 edited photos, includes 3 different staging set ups, $500.00 for the package.

Basic Product Photography package: 50-75 edited product photos $700.00 for the package.

Premium Product Photography Package: 75-100 edited product photos $1000.00 for the package.

Buyer maintains rights to all purchased photographs. I reserve the right to feature customers photographs in my professional portfolio.

Contact me at Jessica@designerssweetspot.com for more information.



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