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I am eager to start my Spring decorating. We have just a few more days until we make our long overdue move. I have been creating lots of new things in my spare time, I can’t wait to share them all with you!

One of my favorite new projects is this Spring Table Runner. I came across this pattern from Sewing with Nancy at a quilt show last fall and immediately fell in love with it.

Hexagon Table Runner

It is a unique and modern hexagon design that I can’t get enough of!  I had so much fun putting it together in one weekend! I rarely purchase patterns, I am glad I made an exception in this case. I don’t think I could have wrapped my mind around this one if I had to do it from scratch. It’s not difficult, just very different.

I started with some 1/2 yard cuts of aqua and silver fabrics from JoAnn’s. I loved their shinny surface!

cut and sew triangles I always prewash my fabric, then make all the edges thread straight by cutting a slit in the fabric and ripping the piece all the way across. This is faster than cutting, and much more accurate. I remove the selvedges with the same method.

I ripped strips of fabric 2 1/2″ , running the entire width of the fabric which was 48″. I was using the aqua for the dark value, the white and silver print for the medium value and the solid white for the light value in the pattern. There were about 5 stripes of each color altogether.

cut and sew triangles-2

The three strips get sewn together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, one light, one medium and one dark.

The seams get pressed one direction on the back side.

cut and sew triangles-3

Another quick pressing on the front keeps the pieces even and straight. You can see the differences in values a bit easier from the front side of the fabric.

cut and sew triangles-4

The strips are cut into triangles using the template that came with the pattern. There are 15 of each with the triangle right side up, then you flip it upside down and reverse the colors (making a zig zag pattern). Cut out the pieces. I used a washable fabric pen to draw around the template to mark all the pieces before I started cutting.

cut and sew triangles-5

There are 15 triangles of each design in this table runner.

Mock up

Here’s the fun part, lay them out in a hexagon design, according to the diagram in the pattern. I liked most of the color in the center, so I went with that configuration.

I would have never figured it out on my own! But now that I have done it, it seems so simple!

Sewing them together was actually a breeze, using two pieces at at time, working from right to left, then top to bottom. Make sure all your seam lines match, it is an important part of this pattern.


After the pieces are assembled, they get pinned together with the poly fiberfill quilt batting and the backing.

stitch in the ditch

Quilting comes next, I quilted mine by stitching “in the ditch”, that is sewing on top of each seam through all thicknesses, and pivoting at all corners. It’s pretty straight forward, if you can sew a straight line, you can do it!


After the quilting is done you can trim away the excess fabric and add the binding to finish the edges. I used another strip of 2 1/2″ fabric folded in half lengthwise to finish the edges. Sew it to the right side of the runner, matching raw edges.

finished back

The binding gets turned to the back side and slip stitched in place. I like to use the same fabric as the backing, it makes a nice clean look. No one will know that they are actually the different pieces of fabric.

sewing detail

I love how this runner turned out! I could see it in lots of different fabrics, but I am content for now with this one!



This is a fun project for a cold winter day. I am glad I had everything I needed tucked away in my fabric stash. More fun projects to come!

I have another really special project coming up soon, I can’t reveal it yet but it is FABULOUS! You are going to love it!

Are you being crafty this weekend? What’s in your stash?



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