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Today is a special day in blog land!

The group of bloggers who attended the Haven Conference have been working together to support a good cause, Habitat for Humanity.


 There is a group of 20 Atlanta area bloggers who are participating in a Habitat building project for today. How cool is that?

Not all of us could make it to the event, but there are lots of ways we can help, and so can you!

It’s great to be able to make a big impact with a group of people. Today all around the country bloggers are shopping at the Habitat Restore, or volunteering their time or making donations. If you have time, why not stop by your local ReStore today and check it out?

I have been a frequent shopper at the ReStore for a long time. It’s my favorite stop for used cabinets, light fixtures, miscellaneous building supplies, paint, wood, even furniture. Did you know they had furniture? Perhaps you didn’t?

The other day when I was in the Habitat store, I spotted this great workbench and decided it would be my contribution to the Habitat Haven Mavens project! It was well used, but a little sad looking in it’s current state.

I loved the size and shape of this workbench, it would fit well into our super small garage space.

I have been searching for some great storage solutions for tools and such that I use for my blogging projects, and this was perfect!

My husband has been aghast that I have been taking over his garage space, and I decided to share the workbench with him, so he can help me with my blog projects. Sweet!

However, it needed a feminine touch. Ha, ha!

Little did he know, that it was to become the star of the garage.


I raided the local Walmart for a variety of spray paint colors. I have been leaning towards aqua and orange lately.  I picked up a couple of different types of finishes, but in the end I decided I liked the Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel the best for this project.


I hauled the workbench out into the front yard to spray paint it. Overall the bench was in excellent condition and didn’t need any sanding or repairs before I started.

I was using multiple colors for this project, and I should have taped each section off as I went along but I didn’t. I couldn’t find my painting tape and was eager to start, so I just aimed and pointed the can.

Yes, it got ugly. You knew that was coming didn’t you? You are way ahead of me.

I was able to paint the trim with out problems, but when it came to the drawers I had issues.

Namely, I couldn’t get them out to paint them properly.

In the end, I decided to put pieces of cardboard between each drawer while I sprayed. It worked rather well, but I did have a few spots I had to touch up afterwards which was not easy. The cardboard stuck to the wet paint and made things rather difficult.

This paint takes longer to dry than other brands I have used (about 2 hours in our humid climate), but it leaves a very nice finish so it was worth it.

If you have never tried one of the Rustoleum spray can attachments in the picture above you really need to try it. It worked so well, I was really impressed! The attachment allows you to evenly hold the button down on the top of the sprayer, getting the most mileage out of each can.

I also found I could spray with the can at odd angles and even upside down with this attachment. Best invention ever!


This is the bench after I painted it. The silver tool box and the wooden storage crate both were ReStore purchases. I love that place!

I love the multi-colored drawers, no question that this is Mom’s domain! It also ads a much needed pop of color to our rather dreary garage.

What an improvement over dark dingy bench that I brought home from the store!

I had intended to sand down the top of the workbench, but I decided to leave it as it was. I like the distressed look and feel of it, well loved and used!

I painted the stool to match, it has been sitting around here for a long time and needed a new home.

I am excited to have a proper spot for all my serious blog projects!

I may even have a few building projects up my sleeve, with hubby’s help of course.

Thanks to all the Haven Mavens and their support for Habitat for Humanity today! If you have been involved with a Habitat ReStore or project, we would love to hear about it! Link up to the blogs below and show your support!




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