Guest Room Update

Guest room before painting with white walls and brown floor tile

We spent our recent vacation Florida at my sons house at the beach. It was loads of fun, but it’s hard for me to just be on vacation without a project. As much as I love relaxing, there is something so satisfying in tackling something new and finishing it. My son requested that e help him renovate his spare bedroom. We were happy to comply.

The guest room was small, only 10′ x 10′. The stark white color was dingy, and not very inviting. It also made the old floor tile look worse than ever. Most of the time, I love white rooms, however this one just didn’t have any pizazz.

The room had a few built ins, which was definitely a plus. It also had multiple wires and pipes here and there. These comber some elements are not moveable, we just had to find a way to minimalize their presence.

The bad thing was that there was only one window in the room, and no heat to speak of. It is Florida, so that’s not so terribly bad. After all, how cold can it be?

My son requested a shade of blue for this painting project, we headed to the local Lowes for inspiration. We don’t have a Lowes in our area so it was lots of fun to see what sort of things that they carried.


We ended up with this Slate Blue by Sherwin Williams. This Ovation product has the primer already in it, so it’s a one coat coverage product. This is a deeper color than you might expect to use in a small room. The darker shade makes a small room feel bigger, the walls visually recede and the room seems to expand. We left the white trim to keep the room balanced and give it lots of contrast.

As soon as we started rolling the paint on, I loved it! I was amazed at how welcoming and large the small room felt.

We left the recessed panel white as a focal point for the room. I also thought it would be a perfect spot for storing things above the bed since our son didn’t have a head board, and there wasn’t room for side tables because the room was so small.

By the way, remember those old pipes? They are still there, you just can’t see them because the dark color makes them disappear into the wall. You can barely make the out on the right hand of the photo.

With a few accessories, the room was ready to go! I love the beige and brown tones with this blue!

We had to leave before we got all the furniture into the room. My son moved in all his things after we left, but it was short lived because the temperatures dropped and he was sleeping in a 35 degree space without heat. Needless to say, he moved back into another room, so this room remains empty at least until summer.

Isn’t that sad?


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