Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 29

This Gift Wrapped in Glass is for the Artist in the house. 
In the past, that has usually been me. Our boys toyed with art for a while, then seemed to grow out of it. 
The other day our son Ted informed me that he wants to learn how to draw.
This came as a real shocker. 
Ted was the boy who HATED ART. He would scream and cry when I would try and get him to hold a crayon. 
Suddenly at age 17 1/2, he wants to learn art?
Wow! I never would have guessed that in a million years!
I took his cue as the perfect opportunity to create The Artists Jar. 

I started with a two quart, wide mouth Mason Jar for this project.

I also purchased a few small art supplies including:
mini art mannequin
charcoal pencils
kneaded eraser
various drawing pencils of different hardness
variety of colored pencils
pencil sharpener

Washi tape for decoration

I gathered a few other supplies such as water color crayons and pastels (these we already owned) and packaged them in little plastic baggies closed with a bit of colorful Washi tape, as they can be quite messy.

I also pulled out some water color pencils, art brushes, and a pad of sand paper (for sharpening the soft pastels and charcoals).
I found this cute little set of charcoal pencils in a carrying box at Walmart. I decorated the outside of the box with a few pieces of Washi Tape.
I love the funky eye glasses print. So festive!
On a whim, I decided to decorate the mini-manni with the tape too. He even got a pair of glasses. He reminds me of our son. Cute and fun!
I think I shall call him MINI-MOE.

Mini-Moe fits great into the jar, along with the other supplies.
There are lots of uses for Mason jars in the art world.
I store all my drawing pencils in them. I always store drawing supplies with the point up. It’s easier to see all the colors and you won’t wear down the points.
You can also use the jars for painting, or for use with water color pencils and crayons. I use them for dipping or for washing my brushes between colors.
Enjoy inspiring your artist!

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