The Brick Pathway

Brick pathway

It’s been a crazy week around here. I am behind in everything. We have been working on our front yard garden. Our brick walkway is now complete. Do you see the bricks? That was our first project.

heavy equipment and broken sidewalk

Actually, the bricks were our second project. The first project was to dig out all of the old rose bushes that grew in the border along the front walk. They were HUGE and THORNY. I left one along the metal archway, but it may need to be removed at a later time if it gets too big. It felt like the former owners were trying to keep people out of the yard with all of the thorny bushes all over the place. They even had them right along the driveway so that when you stepped out of your car, you stepped into them. Not sure why anyone would do that?

Whether they were keeping people out of the yard, or perhaps keep children in the yard? I don’t know, but anyway we got rid of the roses. The neighbors were aghast as to why we would do such a thing. I don’t mind roses, but we still have 4 bushes in the front yard, that is plenty for me.

The next project was to repair the front side walk. You can see how broken the concrete is in the above photo. We knew when we bought the house that this repair was required by our mortgage company. They were concerned it was a tripping hazard, so it had to be done.

We hired a contractor for the brick work, because we had never done it before and they guaranteed their work for five years. With our harsh climate, the frost can force bricks up out of the ground if they aren’t installed correctly.  The contractor arrived on the same day that the city decided to replace some gas mains out in the street. It was rather chaotic for a few days with all the heavy construction going on. I tried to get a few pictures while looking inconspicuous on our front porch.

heavy equipment2

You can see the bed where all of the roses were. There are still a few bushes off to the left side. We will keep them for now, but they are on my radar as “may need to go” in the future to make way for more desirable perennials. I am glad we didn’t begin planting until this was all over. The workmen were in the yard digging things up for quite some time. They had to remove parts of the fence and work all around it. It would have be very discouraging if we had planted anything before they started.

side garden

We had lots of bricks laying around the house, the past owners tried to make a boarder out of them for the fern and flower beds. You can see how it wasn’t done properly and they are falling down and flopping all over the place. We had the brick contractor reuse a lot of these bricks in the new pathway. We still have some left over, we may even extend this pathway, but the porch needs to be rebuilt first, as it is also in need of repair. Another project for another time.

Brick pathway herringbone pattern

For now, we just replaced the section required by the mortgage company. The contractor removed the old broken cement and straightened the cuts with a huge cement saw. We could not have done this project ourselves!

Then they dug down 12″, packed in gravel, sand and finally cemented the bricks into place. I love the herringbone pattern they chose to use! The finished path is very solid and won’t be moving anytime soon. The bricks add a bit of color and interest to the front yard. We are very pleased at how it all turned out.

Brick pathway

Glad that the first part of our construction is over! I can now plant our vegetable garden and perennial flowers in the front border. I can’t wait for everything to bloom! We will be working on more updates to the front of the house as time goes by. There is much to do!

All for now!


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