Five Dollar Bathroom Update



It’s time to get organized! I have seen so many posts recently about organizing, apparently it’s on everyone’s mind this time of year. We recently installed this $5.00 bathroom update in our bathroom and I promised I would let you know all the details, so here it is!

Our little Mid Century home is painfully short on cabinet space. There is practically ZERO storage in the 2nd floor bathroom. My temporary fix was to use a vintage tennis ball holder for towels in the corner. With company coming however, we knew this was not a practical solution.


The only cabinet in the room is the one under the sink. It’s packed full of other things, and frankly is still not nearly enough storage for a large family.

We knew we weren’t going to be able to match the vintage style of this cabinet, pretty much any additional storage would do.

You might say we were rather desperate.

wall before

The only spot available to add storage was above the toilet. There were a few size restrictions with the space. We wanted something rather tall and slender, but not too large. It had to fit between the electrical switch (who in their right mind would put an electrical switch there???) and the shower stall.

Also, it couldn’t stick out further than the top of toilet tank or it would drive me plum crazy.


One trip to our local Habitat Restore shop produced this awesome value cabinet for a whopping $5.00 bucks. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that place????

It’s really a kitchen cabinet, designed for a microwave with the cut out for the electrical outlet at the back. This did not deter us at all.

Where else can you find a $5.00 cabinet? We love that this project was so inexpensive, and it’s great to re-purpose as much as possible. Why spend more?

I gave the cabinet a couple of coats of glossy white Rustoleum paint and removed the dated cabinet knobs.


We hung the cabinet with 2″ wall screws, attaching it right to the joists by screwing through the back of the cabinet. I knew I was going to cover the screws up so I wasn’t worried about them being exposed.

The turquoise knobs are from Hobby Lobby. I loved them the moment I laid eyes on them and I thought they added some needed pizzazz to the cabinet.

The final step was to cover the back of the cabinet shelf with faux wood paper that I attached with the help of some Scotch 3M Command Strips. I can’t get enough of this paper. I have used it on so many projects.

The top shelf (behind the doors) gives us plenty of room for extra towels and supplies, and I love having a place to display things on the bottom shelf.

soap display


I don’t think you would ever know that the rustic wood background was really paper. It is also from Hobby Lobby.

I had fun tying pretty ribbons in bows around the bath towels for display along with some of our homemade Candy Cane Soap.

Not a bad upgrade for $5.00!

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