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A friend of mine encouraged me to join this contest. I hadn’t planned to do anything like this, but here I am anyway. The projects from last month were so much fun to see, I just wanted to be a part of it.

unicorn spit

This Is a monthly challenge, how much fun! This month’s sponsor is Unicorn Spit. They had me loving this product at the name! The theme of the month is ” Come On, Let Your Colors Burst”!

Unicorn Spit is a colored stain with luminescent qualities. The creator of Unicorn Spit has a great story, she developed this product for disabled men to use at her daycare center, and with the elderly. They would use his product on furniture items that they would decorate. What a great thing!

A friend bought me this cute little table at Target on clearance. I left it outside On the deck, but it hasn’t weathered well. The top is water stained, and the base that originally had orange paint, is now a faded pink.

I am just not a pink kind of girl.

table before top

The before…….

The after……The cool blues and greens are much more my style.

Here is how the fun began:

I had visioned a circular motif on the table top, and decided the best way to get that look was with centrifuge. My kids have done artwork with centrifical force before, but this was my first opportinity to try it.

What can I say, but things are NEVER dull at our house.

Now, you may think this was a simple process, but designing a well functioning centrifuge for this rather small table was rather time consuming. The first step was to remove the table top from its bass. Then, next step was to drill a hole in the center of the table.


I found a big 10 penny nail in our nail stash and inserted it into the hole in the table top, with the sharp pointed end sticking out from the bottom of the table. This is the pivot point for the centrifuge. It took me a while to figure this process out, but I finally came up with a plan that would work.

Unicorn spit colors-3

I used a heavy metal vice to anchor the centrifuge, I had it sitting on a plastic milk crate on my porch while I worked. This may have been a bad idea, cause Unicorn Spit flies. It flies a lot!

So now I have a very lovely polka dot porch with blue and green dots. I should have thought this through a bit more.

What can I say, but Spit Flies! And now our porch needs painting. Sigh.

note to self: Add painting the porch to the list of things to do.

Anyway, the 10 penny nail was held steady inside the vice. In order to get the table top to spin, I added a couple of washers on top of the nail (under the table top). Then spun the table top on its axis. It’s kind of hard to explain, so I made a video of the Flying unicorn Spit just in case you were wondering what it looked like, see the demo above.

Unicorn spit colors

My first attempt was to use the Unicorn Spit along with some acrylic poster paint. I found the results to be muddy and lacking any color definition. I was expecting rainbows of color, and all I had was mud. I wasn’t happy with it after it even after it dried. So, I flipped the table top over and began again using the same process, minus the acrylic paint.

This is the effect with 100 percent Unicorn Spit.finished unicornI am so glad I did it again! I love how it turned out.
If Unicorns can spit, this is what it would look like I am certain.

The fun thing about this painting method is you never really know what the finished product will look like. The Unicorn Spit is such a unique product, I think it worked great for my little experiment. When the table top stopped spinning the top was done. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Afterwards, I removed the nail from the table top. I had intended to plug the old nail holes, but I kind of like them. The holes show that the wood is a reclaimed piece, and I think it gives it character.

After the top was dry, I coated it with Lindseed Oil..

The table bass was refreshed with a coat of Rustoleum spray paint in a glittered graphite grey. Then it was reattached to the table.

table and chairs

The table now sits on our deck, a perfect spot for a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine.

Who knew Unicorns could Spit?

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  1. says

    I could sip something cold in that very spot! Your table is both furniture and a piece of art… We’re glad to have you in the #fabflippincontest. Thanks for participating!

  2. says

    I LOVE your table and the colors you chose are perfect. It turned out so great. I may have to try this but probably need to see your video first. I can’t wait for that. Nice work.

  3. says

    Jessica, just wanted to let you know that I love how this turned out for the FFFC. I hope your porch recovers from all the spit…lol. Green is one of my fav colors!


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