DIY Gold Snowflakes

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Ohhh baby it’s cold outside!

Subzero temps here in our neck of the woods this week! Snowflakes have been in the air nearly everyday, several weeks ahead of our normal winter season.

I don’t mind a bit, I have been up to my elbows in making Christmas gifts and decorations.

More snow is better in my book.

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I love making things for the holidays.

We have had seasons of plenty and seasons of famine in our home, but handmade gifts always make me feel joyous about the holiday season in any circumstances.

I have been reading different things on the internet lately, how people don’t enjoy the holidays any more, or how stressful it is. I think it’s sad that people can’t just enjoy the holiday without all the baggage that goes with it. What if this year was your last? Would you feel differently about celebrating the holiday season? I know I would.

Overall, I tend to ignore the world at the holidays, and proceed at my own pace. I find it necessary sometimes.

But, that’s where I find the most joy.

For me, it’s all about the crazy simple little things.

Like listening to Christmas music.

And baking Christmas cookies.

And watching the sappy Christmas movies while knitting on the Hallmark Channel until far into the night.

And painting paper snowflakes.

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I found a pack of these paper snowflakes at the craft store recently. I was really looking for gold doilies, but I haven’t seen those since 1996.

I decided to make my own gold snowflakes.

I bought the paper variety and spray painted them with Krylon’s gold metallic paint.

Since it was so cold outside, I couldn’t spray paint.

The weather cramps my painting style big time!

I set up a card board box with newspaper on the back porch to use as a painting back ground.

I laid out the snowflakes and sprayed them.

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I hung them up to dry on twine with little bitty clothes pins.

And I fell in love.

Simple and beautiful.

There is no place like a home decorated for the holidays.

I am going to use them in several places around the house, more to come with the decorating!

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    Having lived in WI and now MN I totally know how the cold cramps the spray painting! I just love gold and these snowflakes are perfect, simple and easy! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded, I’m sharing this week on my blog!

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