Pretty Custom Water Bottle for Back to School

Finding a pretty water bottle can be expensive. Here’s how you can update an old bottle to look like new! 

Pretty Painted Water Bottle for Back to School|Designers Sweet Spot|

Argyle Painted Water Bottle

Pretty Custom Water Bottle

It’s fun to customize your back to school supplies with your kids. That way your children will always know which items belong to them. This project is fun for the whole family and is quick and easy to make. Your kids will love getting ready for school with this crafty project!

I started with these pretty paint colors from Americana Decor. I added in a bit of True Blue (Navy) at the end of the project that isn’t pictured here. Sometimes you change your mind at the last minute! Creativity is rather unpredictable you know.

Pretty Custom Painted Water Bottle for Back to School|Designers Sweet Spot|

Water bottle painted with Blue Haven and Pearl Medium

Custom Water Bottle Supplies:

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle (mine came from the thrift store)

Americana Decor Acrylic Paint Blue Haven

Americana Decor Acrylic Mulberry

Americana Decor Acrylic Calypso Blue

Americana Decor Acrylic True Blue

Paint Brush Size 20 Flat

Script Liner Paint Brush #1

1/4″ wide (6mm) Painters Tape (Mine came from Menards)

80 Grit Sanding Paper

American Decor Multi Purpose Sealer

Americana Decor Pearlizing Medium

Custom Water Bottle|Designers Sweet Spot|

Argyle pattern with 1/4″ wide painters tape. Tape is applied in 1″ intervals.

Custom Water Bottle Directions:

  1. Sand the water bottle lightly with 80 grit sandpaper. Wipe clean with a paper towel.
  2. Combine Multi Purpose Sealer with Blue Haven Paint and Pearlizing Medium.
  3. Paint entire bottle with the Blue Haven paint mixture. You may need more than one coat if your original bottle is a dark color. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer.
  4. Apply painters tape at a 45 degree angle on the bottle, keeping the pieces 1″ apart as pictured.
  5. Add more rows of painters tape going in the opposite direction, resulting in a diamond pattern.
  6. Load the #20 paint brush with Calypso Blue paint and Pearlizing Medium. Paint the row of diamonds, then rinse the brush and repeat for the second row with the mauve paint. Repeat the process for the remaining rows. Dry paint with a hair dryer. Remove tape.
  7. Using #1 Script liner brush, make small “stitches” on each diamond in an “X” shape with the Dark Blue Paint. Let dry completely.

Paint rows of alternating colors in the diamond pattern.


Water bottle after tape is removed.

Pretty Painted Water Bottle for Back to School|Designers Sweet Spot|

Argyle Painted Water Bottle

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Pretty Custom Water Bottle|Designers Sweet Spot|

Thanks to Deco Art and Michaels for sponsoring this post!

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