Craft Room Decor

I finally have a craft room. Well, it’s not really a craft room. It’s more like a craft space. I have had very few creative spaces other than the kitchen table in our home. Having a place to work seems like a tremendous luxury. Our new home is no different, there isn’t a lot of extra room for me to work in.

So, I have a little secret.

You may not like it.

You might think it’s crazy.

You may think it’s ridiculously impracticle.

My new craft space is in the JOHN.

Yup, it’s in an unused corner of a ginormous, impracticle bathroom.

Having a craft space in the bathroom has its advantages.

For example, the doors all lock (yes, there is more than one door).

My kids won’t bother me in there. Privacy is definitely a plus.

The space has good lighting, also a plus.

This is a temporary situation until we remodel the bathroom, but for now it will do.

I found these wall shelf brackets at the local Habitat store. The table has been around a while, it repurposed with a new coat of paint for the occasion. My trash can lamp offers more direct light for detailed projects. I use the mason jars on the shelf to store buttons, pens and even glue sticks.

I found extra space to store my spools of thread on the top of the window ledges. It’s not a problem for me to reach up there and grab what I need.

The quote on the wall was left there by the previous tenant. I find it very inspiring. The darling fabric flowers were designed by Laura Kelley and came home with me from the SNAP Conference.

I store miscellaneous craft supplies such as paper, glue and craft paint in the rolling storage bin under the table. It’s easy to move around where ever it’s needed.

The chair is repurposed from another part of the house. I wrapped it in fabric and tied it in a knot to add some interest and a bit of a feminine touch. The chair is rather unsightly without it.

All in all, this was a low cost project, but it feels good to finally be organized. I can’t wait to sit down and get crafty!

Even if it’s in the bathroom!

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