Closet Home Office

I have spent days on this project. It isn’t that complicated, but it has taken me far more time that I expected to put it together. The Closet Home Office is complete according to my given deadline.

Our son has been traveling the last couple of weeks, it was good time to work on this project while he was gone.

Remember the before picture?

This room was a virtual dumping ground for stuff. Lots of stuff. It took me a while to come up with other storage solutions. I stored some things under the bed, eliminated others and moved the larger items to the basement or attic.

The closet was a good size, but more than was needed for a single person in this room. I have a before photo of it, but my computer seems to be holding it hostage and won’t let me work with it. I will update it later. We have never had extra closet space before, but it seemed like a good place to have a Closet Home Office.

I found a few fabric bins for the shelves at Walmart. There are so many bins on the market, style and colors can be hard to choose. I also didn’t want to use all the shelf space for bins and that left room for some larger items.

We choose to leave the existing closet rod in place and use half the closet for the desk area. The desk top spans the length of the closet, and could be used if needed but for now half the closet will work.

There were already boards in place for a lower shelf that worked out great to hold the desk top. We found a couple of wide boards at our local Habitat ReStore for the desk top, and added a piece of galvanized metal that was laying around the house for a smooth writing surface.

Some things just are meant to be. No cutting was involved. That never happens!

I repurposed some items we had to make the desk functional, such as an unused stool, a lamp and a wipe off board.

I did purchase some color coordinated school supplies to fill things in and an orange clock for a bit of color.

After we got this all put together, we hung the clothes back up and realized the bar is a bit too low.  It never occurred to me to measure how far apart the rod and the desk had to be for clearance.

I assumed whoever had put the original boards in the closet had enough sense to allow for plenty of clearance. Apparently this is not true.

We will have to take the top shelf out and raise the rod a few inches so the clothes don’t drag on the desk. It’s a minor thing, but could have been avoided had I thought about it in the beginning.

Oh, well.

The room was painted blue when we moved in, it makes for a rich color pallet with this beautiful handmade quilt.

Our dear friend who made it is a master quilter.

I love the pops of color, and I couldn’t resist  adding the orange patterned rug, also from Walmart.

This dresser is across the room from the bed, I love this Mid-Century style.

We also keep the family fish tank in this room. It fits in well with the fish quilt.

I show you this entire room now, because the minute my son gets home it will look like a tornado hit.

It probably won’t be this clean again for a long time.

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