Christmas Chicken Coop

Red coop



I have been waiting to post a lot of Christmas decorating projects. Just a few more days until it’s officially the Christmas season.

I decided to give you a little “teaser” of what is to come.

Mostly, because I love our red chicken coop. I especially love how red it looks in the snow.

It’s been forever since I posted anything about our chickens. I am long past due for an update.

There isn’t much to tell right now, the chickens have moved on to greener pastures.

We lost two of them over the summer to various wildlife. We had a hawk (we think) take one of them in the night leaving only a pile of feathers behind.

We also had a family of 5 raccoons that feasted on another one of them.

The raccoons came back day after day trying to get more of them for weeks. It was very stressful.

Then one night, we saw a fox lurking out by the coop. They weren’t going to survive very long in this neighborhood.

So glad we moved into the city where we thought they would be safe. We never had any predators at our old place in the country.

Who knew there would be so many hazards here?

Some dear friends offered to take them to their farm and they are living happily there in their flock.

I do miss them though. The coop seems awfully empty without them.

I miss their cackling when I walk out the back door.

I think they would approve of the Christmas decorations.

Red coop,side

I have wanted a red coop to decorate for Christmas for a long time. I had seen one on my Backyard Chickens Pintrest Board, and I loved how it looked.

It’s a crazy reason to raise chickens, just to have a coop to decorate for the holidays. That wasn’t the only reason, there were eggs involved too.

I found this cute little wreath at the Dollar Store, and I couldn’t resist adding the tartan ribbon.

The rooster ornament I found last year, I hope to score a few more chicken ornaments after the holidays.

More decorating to come!

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