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after photo

This post is sponsored by Home Right. Any opinions given are completely my own.

I have had this vintage sap bucket for a long time. I have used it for lots of different things, but mostly for holding flowers.  I had painted it numerous times over the years, but haven’t used it much as of late.

I was tired of the painted look and I wanted to bring back the galvanized look it had originally. The thing is, I HATE chemical paint strippers. I have used them many times, and I just refuse to use them any more. Have you ever used paint stripper? It’s nasty! The acid burns your skin, your eyes water, it smells horrible and most of the time you need to reapply multiple coats to get rid of each layer of paint. It is hard to scrape off, time consuming work, smelly, and expensive stuff to use. Not to mention toxic, I am sure!


This is what the bucket looked like before I stripped it, pretty tired looking. The paint was peeling off and just looked BAD. I came across this heat gun recently at a blogger’s conference.  I was thrilled when I saw what it can do, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Thank you Home Craft!

materials for paint removal


The heat gun gets really hot, between 800 and 1000 degrees. Because of this, I decided this was a project best done outside. If you aren’t careful you can actually ignite things when you are using it, so it pays to be cautious. I used heavy leather work gloves to protect my hands (protective eyewear is also recommended) and a metal scraper to help remove the paint. I worked on an old metal cellar door that wouldn’t be damaged from the high heat.  I had planned on scraping the paint chips from the bucket into this plastic container, but due to the odd shape of my project, I couldn’t hold the bucket with out it rolling, hold the heat gun, scrape the bucket and clean up the paint all at once, so I didn’t really use it.

It’s a good thing I was outside.


during paint removal


I used the gun on the high setting, 1000 degrees. Can you believe it? Incredible!  The gun heats up fast and blistered the layers of paint in no time.  Then it was easy to scrape it off. I deliberately didn’t scrape it completely clean, I like the vintage look it has with a bit of paint still on it.

finished bucket


I love how the bucket turned out, I like the aged blue/green patina from the different colors of paint. You would think that it was purposely decorated this way, not merely an accident!

Bucket close up

Hummmm, maybe I will have to paint and strip more things like this????

Macro flowers

The bucket now looks pretty amazing with flowers. I especially love it with pink.

after photo


I know I am going to use my Home Right Heat Gun for lots of other things! It’s a smart choice for organic chemical free alternative to commercial paint strippers.

There are also fun crafts you can do with this heat gun, I will be experimenting with those as well!

Have a lovely day!

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