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I have admired Butterfly Cloches for a long time. They are so elegant and colorful.

I have always dreamed of having a mini butterfly garden with real live butterflies.

We tried to hatch them indoors once, as one of our homeschooling projects.

Somewhere during one of our long winter days, the cocoons died and we never hatched any butterflies.

My children were so disappointed.

So was I.

Then, we began to visit butterfly gardens.

This was a much better option. We visited gardens in Niagara Falls, Chicago, Denver and Santa Barbara.

They were beautiful, so inspiring. They made me want to learn how to garden.

The only problem is that in our area, the garden season is so very short. Real butterflies aren’t around here very long in the summer.

This decorative Butterfly Cloche is the next best thing.

It was very easy to make and only took about 15 minutes of time.

flower frog

Supplies Needed:

A Glass or Plastic Cloche (I found mine at a thrift store, it was missing the bottom but that doesn’t bother me)

Branches from a bush with buds on them

Pruning shears

A flower frog

A plastic soda bottle

Spanish Moss

Decorative faux butterflies (from the craft store in the floral section)

A glass cake stand

Optional: A cork trivet (Mine came from Ikea)


1. Cut the bottom off the soda bottle with a sharp knife. Mine is about 2″ tall. Fit the flower frog into the bottle base. If you don’t have a frog, you can use strips of floral tape across the top of the bottle to hold the branches in place.

2. Set the cork trivet on top of the cake stand, it keeps the glass pieces from sliding around. (Optional).

3. Set the soda bottle with the flower frog on top of the cork base.

forcing branches

4. Trim the branches to fit into the flower frog with the pruning shears. You will only need 2 or 3 of them. Keep the branches with the biggest buds, trim off the small branches with little buds or no buds. You can also smash the cut ends of the branches with a hammer for better water absorption.

5. Add a bit of water to the soda bottle, be sure the ends of the branches are completely submerged in the water.


6. Cover the frog and soda bottle with a bit of Spanish Moss. (I bought mine from the Dollar Store).

7. Add the decorative butterflies, and cover with the cloche.

The forced branches will bloom in a few days. You will have people wondering if the butterflies are real!

Don’t forget to check the water level and add more water as needed.

That’s all folks! Be sure and visit thecardswedrew.com and my fellow bloggers below for some great craft ideas!




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