Bathroom Project Update: HomeRight the Good, the Bad and Ugly

This bathroom remodel project is finally drawing to a close! The latest EZ Paint tool from HomeRight have made this project so much easier! Here’s how to paint with the good, and avoid the bad and ugly!

Good Bad and ugly Bathroom|Cozy Traditional Home|

Our bathroom remodel is nearly complete!

HomeRight the Good

Painting is a big chore, as much as I love it. It’s one of the things I put off as long as possible because of the amount of work involved. I struggle with having the time and patience to do the job right, I am sure I am not alone in this! It’s a good thing HomeRight understands the homeowner struggle! They recently asked me to review their EZ Paint Stick and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this project turned out! Let me explain….

Sinks are repurposed from the thrift store.

This remodel project started almost 9 months ago. We set out to repair a leaky shower, and ended up gutting the entire bathroom. There have been many unforeseen problems, and it’s taken us months and months to get things back in order. One of the last steps finishing the project was to give it a fresh coat of paint. Having been on the fence about choosing a paint color, I decided to take the plunge into a deep moody shade of navy blue for this project. In choosing a deep color, I knew this would require multiple coats of paint. At least 2, perhaps even 3 coats of paint would be needed. Since the room is rather small it made sense to attempt using a dark color, which I would never attempt in a larger room.

HomeRight, Good, bad and ugly.

I loved the navy blue color of this paint, but didn’t like how the brush strokes showed up.

Dark Paint: The Bad

However, after trying the paint on the wall with a brush, I could see the paint coverage wasn’t nearly as good as I had imagined. It was so bad it was ugly! Something needed to change in order to make this color work! The brush just wasn’t the right tool for the job.

Enter HomeRight…………I have loved Home Right’s painting tools for a long time, the EZ Paint Stick is no exception! In fact, I do believe that this has to be my favorite tool, even more than the HomeRight Max Paint Sprayer.

Painting the dark walls was not as hard as I thought!

This post is sponsored by HomeRight. I was compensated in some way for writing this post. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of rules see the disclosure’s page. some way for writing this post.

When the EZ Paint Stick arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s very light to handle and has an interesting design. It’s a painters dream! Have I mentioned I am addicted to painting? It’s true, I once painted 11 rooms in our home over 33 times in less than 5 years.

HomeRight EZ Paint Stick

Basically, the HomeRight EZ Paint Stick Roller works like this: You connect the paint roller to the plastic spout, dip it in your paint can and pull the end of the handle toward you. This motion creates a suction action, pulling paint from the gallon up into the handle. Then as you paint, you push the end of the handle in and it adds the perfect amount of paint to the roller as you need it. The whole process is very efficient, so much so that I didn’t waste a drop of paint! In addition, there was no messy painting tray to deal with which is a game changer! It was so easy!

The paint roller has a snap on cover that keeps the paint from splattering as you work. At first I was concerned about dripping dark blue paint on our new tile floor, but the roller cover helped so much, there was no paint drip at all! I was able to put three coats of paint on the walls in record time! Getting into the corners of the room was easy too, the design of the roller is very efficient and there was just a small area to touch up with the brush afterward. The EZ Paint Stick is available at Lowes or through my affiliate link for Amazon here.

Now for the fun part, HomeRight is hosting an EZ Paint Stick competition for bloggers! The contest is called Refresh Your Walls Today, the blogger with the best before and after pics of their painting project will win $500! That can buy a lot more paint! I am so glad HomeRight asked me to be a part of this campaign! Sooo, here’s the before:

Remember the Ugly?

Big Family Bathroom Renovation on a Tiny Budget|Designers Sweet Spot|

The original bathroom was small, had no storage and very boring in design.


Big Family Bathroom Renovation on a Tiny Budget|Designers Sweet Spot|

The itty-bitty toilet and pedestal sink make for a lousy bathroom.


Big Family Bathroom Renovation on a Tiny Budget|Designers Sweet Spot|

Temporary storage shelves above the toilet were not good for storage.


Look at the difference a little color can make! The deeper color gives the illusion of the room being much larger than it really is. I love the dramatic change in color. The darker color also makes our new tile shower really pop!

Homeright EZ Paint Stick made all the difference when painting the room this dark color!

We used a vintage drawing board for the vanity, I will post more about our sources for things in the bathroom later, but most of them are vintage. I just love how the color of the wood works with the deep color of the paint! It worked out so well with the EZ Paint stick!


Good Bad and Ugly Bathroom Reno|Cozy Traditional Home|

I love how the vintage drawing board vanity looks against the dark navy color!


The vanity is an old drafting table I bought from a thrift store.

There are now two sinks where the old pedestal sink once stood. The old drafting table ads a unique character to the space. There are a few pieces of my Grandmother’s collection of Blue Willow in the bathroom. She would have loved it the idea of using them everyday!

The metallic trimmed mirrors also make a nice contrast! Lots of shiny surfaces gives the dark color a bit of pizazz!

The shower doors haven’t arrived yet, I will cover the shower remodel separately¬†(read more about the shower problems in this post). But I am so glad the painting is complete! For the first time ever, I feel like I want to spend time in this room. It has unique character that matches the rest of our Cozy home.

Thank you HomeRight for sponsoring this post! Be sure to share this post on your social media, I would love to win this competition! Thanks for your support!

Good bad ugly bath remodel|cozytraditionalhome|

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