Agate Inspired Easter Eggs

easter egg designs

These Agate Inspired Easter Eggs were an accidental creation. I was completely out of Easter Egg ideas for this year. I thought about spray paint (toxic). I thought about Unicorn Spit (water soluble but still toxic). I thought about fancy stripes and chalk paint (who wants to work that hard?). I even thought about not making eggs at all. What fun would that be?


None of these above preliminary ideas sounded unique enough or even worthy of blogging about. I feel that I struggle with lame Easter posts, I am not much of an egg artisan. However, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to be part of Hometalk’s DIY My Spring Blog Hop! Hometalk is one of my favorite sites EVER and you won’t want to miss all these fabulous spring ideas!

dying easter eggs

We began by hard boiling some eggs. We made a batch of homemade egg dye with food color, water and vinegar. We started to play with them. We didn’t even use any of the tools that I had placed in my diy wooden tool box. But guess what? MAGIC HAPPENED.

The eggs became beautiful.

Want to know the secret?

easter egg ideas


  • 4 eggs
  • 8 cups hot water
  • 6 tsp. vinegar
  • 2 drops food color in each color: blue, green, red and yellow

how to dye eggs



    1. Cook eggs by placing them in a pot of cold water, we used about 6 cups. Water should completely cover the eggs. Bring to a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Drain hot water, fill pot with cold tap water. Let eggs rest for 15 minutes until they feel cooled, then drain.
    2. Boil 2 cups water until hot. In a separate medium size bowl combine 6 tsp. vinegar and 2 drops of each food color red, yellow, blue and green.  It will look greenish and gross. Don’t worry, you are on the right track!
    3. Add the boiling water to the dye. Stir until combined. Place eggs in the greenish water for 2-3 minutes until they are greenish brown in color. Remove and let dry briefly.coloring easter eggs
    4. Pick up a nearly dry egg in one hand and a bottle of food color in the other. The egg should still be a bit wet in order for this effect to work. Drizzle straight food color unto the top of the to dye easter eggs
    5. As the dye colors the egg and rolls down the side, add another squirt or two. YES, THIS IS MESSY. You will get dye on your fingers, hands and counter top. This is fun! Enjoy making a mess with your kids! If you’d like to avoid your mess, you could do it in the bathroom for easy clean up. Be careful though – mess it up too much and you’ll be looking at ideas for bathroom makeovers or fixer upper bathrooms!blue food color on the egg
    6. Set the egg down to dry, we used a cardboard egg carton to hold the eggs while they were drying. If you want more layers of color repeat the process with more food color. You can also add more depth of color to previously dyed eggs with this method. Some of the eggs we created using white eggs to start, a couple of them we used eggs that had been already colored using the traditional food color method (for example the pink egg became the deep red color after adding more layers of color to it).

eggs on spoons2

I love how they turned out. They remind me of my grandfathers agate rock collection. His rocks were full of rich earth tones. Grandpa would have approved! Hence the name, Agate Inspired Easter Eggs. I think these would go great on my wooden tray that I created in my tutorial on how to make a wooden tray. Sometimes, some of the best things happen merely by accident!

Happy Creating! Be sure to visit some of the other bloggers posts in this awesome lineup!


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  1. Funky Junk Interiors - Donna says

    Stunning! I’ve never seen this technique before and you are right, exactly like a pretty rock! Super cool!

    (couldn’t leave my blog url… it cited me for spam… fyi!)

  2. says

    What an awesome way to decorate eggs! Visiting as a fellow contributor to #DIYMySpring. Hope your week is full of sunshine! Hugs, Holly

    • designerssweet says

      Hahaha, I guess they are “designer” eggs! Glad you were inspired, thanks for stopping by!

  3. says

    These are wonderful – like little precious stones-
    I’ve never tried making egg dye with food color but will give it a go
    Visiting from the My Spring blog hop

    • designerssweet says

      You will love how easy and inexpensive it is to dye with food color, once you have tried it you will never go back!


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