31 Days of Pintrest: DIY Project Rules

Here I am starting my 31 day challenge of DIY projects inspired by Pintrest. It occurred to me that perhaps I should explain a few things before I get too carried away on my projects.

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I have been scoping out Pintrest for utterly fabulous ideas. I have pinned them all on a page called “31 Day Blog Inspiration” so you can view them in advance. Find my page here. If it seems odd that I have more than 31 ideas pinned, it’s because in some cases I loved more than one idea and couldn’t really decided which direction to go with it. Have I told you that I am indecisive? Anyway, I will narrow things down before the very end.

Perhaps you are not on Pintrest yet? Well, here’s a bit about it. It’s an idea website. You can “pin” a photo of someone else’s idea from anywhere on the internet and store it on a Pintrest page. You can then view other people’s ideas, or share your own. There are tons of amazing ideas out there! Pintrest includes cooking, recipes, inspirational words, great books to read, fashion, gardening, sewing, art, photography, project and craft ideas. The only thing is that you have to be “invited” to have a page through someone else that has one. Once you are invited, you can register and log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t have anyone to invite you, send a email to Designermom4@hotmail.com and I will invite you to join us. It’s easy!

My theme for the month is “It’s All About Me”. If you’re anything like me, you always put every one else first. I am always the last one for everything around here, mostly because I am a sucker for my family, and allow it. I am always the last one to get new shoes (sometimes I wear the cast offs from my kids) or the last one to buy winter gloves for myself in the end of January when my hands are finally numb from the cold. I always see to everyone else’s needs and wants FIRST. Not so, this month. This time, it’s all about me. I am going to update my fall wardrobe, decorate a few things around the house, cook something fabulous, be creative, sew and leave a mess and not clean it up. It’s All About Me for the next 31 days. It can be all about you too. Are you ready? Come join me in the fun!

I have chosen a variety of ideas everything from sewing, decorating, gardening, cooking, and crafting. Some projects are large and some are small. I love variety. I always read every one of your comments, so the more the merrier!

Also, check out the Nester, as that’s where I will be linking up daily. Two years ago she had 7 friends linking up for 31 Days, last year she had 700! WOW! Who knows where things will go this year!

More to come!

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