10 Steps to a Cozy Minimalist Christmas Tablescape

Christmas decorating can be so overwhelming, try these 10 steps to a simple but beautiful holiday table setting!

Christmas decorating can be so overwhelming, try these 10 steps to a simple but beautiful holiday table setting!

10 Steps to a Cozy Minimalist Decor

It’s easier than you think. Going simple doesn’t mean you spend a lot of money, nor is it boring. While the rest of the world is out crazily shopping the discount stores I found the simple cozy charm of minimalist Christmas decorating. Traditionally used in the Scandinavian home, this style of decor looks easy to replicate but can be hard to achieve. The rest of the Christmas decorating in the house is still under way, but the table setting is ready to go! Here’s how you can be inspired to go minimalist this Christmas!

Minimalist Decor Countdown

10. Use natural elements such as fresh greenery or good quality faux greens. I prefer to mix a bit of both together, that way nothing looks to fake and you still get some of that rich color from the real stuff. Plus, it will smell good!

9. Add other natural elements such as pine cones, wooden beads, wood slice ornaments or sticks to your display. Bring the outdoors in for the winter season, it will look great long after Christmas is over.

Cozy Minimalist Christmas Decor|Cozy Traditional Home|www.cozytraditionalhome.com

Use very few lights to make your room cozy and comfortable.

8. The key to this simple look “is less is more”. This is especially true with lighting. Use just a few well placed votive candles, a couple of pillar candles or a few little white lights for atmosphere. Too much lighting distracts from the natural soothing environment you are trying to create.

7. Choose simple classic colors. White is a must, add a bit of green, a dollop of grey or a pop of red here and there. Traditional colors are simple and easy to find, plus they give you that timeless look.

6. Mix in a bit of new decor with the old. All of the pieces in this table setting were things that we already owned with the exception of the wooden ornaments, I just re-arranged things in a new way. I used linen placemats from several years ago, Grandma’s silverware and lace doilies, and old cloth napkins. The wooden ornaments were an impulse buy while waiting to each lunch at the Cracker Barrel. (Don’t you love their store?)

5. Create contrast between shiny and dull surfaces. Glitter is great, but too much is overwhelming. A couple of shiny ornaments hung from the chandelier is all that’s needed for a bit of sparkle.

4. Use few prints. It so happens that I love plaid, the plaid table runner was a find at a thrift store for $2.00. Combined with my plaid and floral dishes, it’s enough pattern for the entire room. Having the plaid just on the table draws the eye to the food and eating area. The rest of the room will be plain and simple by comparison.

3. Look for a few imported decor items to add to the mix. It’s fascinating how different countries celebrate the Christmas holiday. As a homeschool family, we studied holiday customs of other nations for years with our kids. What we found was that most countries have very simple celebrations with family and friends. Isn’t that how it should be? Less stuff, less wasted money, more people and love. Bring home a bit of inspiration to share with your family and friends. Christmas is more than just the stuff!

2. Use what you love and are comfortable with. A few simple, beautiful decor items will stand the test of time. Don’t bother with things you don’t like, that are super trendy. It’s not practical, and you will spend more buying those trendy items each year than if you stick with a few simple traditional ones.

1.Decorate a bit at a time and stop when you have just enough decor to look festive but not over kill. Keeping things simple isn’t hard when you have less to deal with. We have one small closet that we keep for Christmas decorations, and that’s it. It takes one day to put it up and take down. I like to start with the dining room, then the stairway, and finally the tree. Remember “less is more”, especially in Scandinavian decor. The rest of the house is still in progress but I will have more updates soon!

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    You are right, sometimes less is more. I have to constantly remind myself of this, I tend to overdecorate sometimes. Ha! I love the wooden ornaments as place settings. Cute!


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